Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Snapshot!

Reviewing this place of my random mommyness I've attached some of my favorites from the past 12 months. Mostly, I just can't believe how much my kids have changed over these months. Nor can I truly fathom just how very blessed I am!

Happy New Year!!!!!

January:Five Beautiful Months.

February:Tonights Table Prayer and Grace.

March:Mommy A Flower For You and Pick Up the Checkers!

April:Eight! Eight! And we can skate!

May: You are my love!

June: While I was fixing lunch and I'm eating sweet potatoes...

July:When you set a date, it comes... and Enough said.

August: Opening Ceremonies and Since it's been a busy week...

September: Why was I lying on the grocery store floor?? and More Please.

October: 9 Quart or 2 Kid Canner and Embrace

November: Loving Fall and Gone in 10.3 seconds...

December: Today's Wisdom and of course Christmas Memories


Linds said...

Happy New Year, Heidi! May 2009 be a really special year for you and your family!

Mom/Granny said...

I started reading, after a few my eyes are full of water. I'll read more later.
You are blessed with a wonderful family and I am blessed by you!

Anonymous said...

It was nice meeting you tonight! :)