Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Nights

My friend Steph inspired me to write a quick haiku, and it was SO fun.  Read through the comments, they are great!

Evening baseball.
Sunshine becoming lightning
breathe deep, a rainbow!

I LOVE the look on my son's face in this photo as he just hit the ball.  A prideful smile.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Singing in the Rain

I get a bit crazy when cooped up in the house with the kids for a couple days in a row, as many of us do. Why do I always find it surprising when my kids start grating on each other’s nerves (and my own) and forget that they need to get out of the house too.

One challenging day when my son was a couple months old I decided to bundle him into his baby sling, wrapped us both in my jacket, grabbed my umbrella and headed out for a walk around the block in an autumn rain. It was soothing to both of us, the fresh air and the rhythm of my steps, soon I was literally singing in the rain. Both of us entered the house with a smidge more joy in our hearts and spring in our steps.

During one of our more recent rainy days, (of which we have had quite a few, thankyouverymuch) I decided our learning for the day was to be a walk in the rain. An opportunity for us to observe nature and what happens around our neighborhood, how things compare to sunny days.

We don our jackets and umbrellas heading out into what I would call a steady drizzle. Not half way down the block the rain stopped completely which gave us a chance to observe what happens when it stops raining too! So much learning, so little time. *cheesy grin*

The novelty of the umbrellas quickly wore off so I became a pack mule of sorts sliding them through the front pocket of my hooded sweatshirt. Along with my daughter on my hip for the last stretch to home after following her brother’s example rolling down a small (very wet) hill.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

We did see some interesting things, a dead worm being devoured by ants, water dripping off tree leaves, robins hunting for worms, to name a few. A few more observations: the rain made the petals of a neighbors tree that was in blossom fall; when we (and by ‘we’ I mean the kids) walked in the extra soggy grass around the park it sounded like we were in a swamp (my son even lost a shoe - laughing hysterically - to the squishy mud); lots of birds started singing; the air smelled nice and fresh.

I forced myself to let them be kids. To explore and laugh and chase birds across a baseball field. Inside I might have cringed, (several times) especially those few steps my son took in just his sock. On the outside I managed a smile, encouraging them to experience.

My most favorite observation that my son said as we meandered along was that the rain made everything look, "more beautifuller." After saying it he corrected himself aloud, ’the colors of everything look more beautiful, I mean."

I pondered that comment for the rest of the walk and many of these rainy days since. The rain did indeed make the colors more vibrant, the birds sing louder and the grass to grow faster. It was so green; almost what I imagined the emerald city to be like. The blooms of flowers were as beacons shining their colors as never before.

I begin to wonder (the deep thinker I am *wink*) if I let the rain in my life bring out the colors more vibrantly or do I cover them with grey.

I do.

I think to myself, most of the time,

I do.

These rainy days when nothing is going my way and I just want to stay in bed or yell at the world. These are the days that make the good days look even brighter. Without the grey, the purples and reds and yellows of the world would fade.

No, I cannot always see past myself to look out of the grey rain clouds, but when I do I see that there are a thousand colors out there. In every small moment stands something shining its light brighter because of the rain. These eyes need only to glance away from the grey to find it there, vibrantly singing.