Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Brain With a View

My son and I are playing with legos in his room. Ok well, honestly my daughter is asleep so I'm lying on his floor with my eyes closed and he is building.

He kept saying the word "Pluto" over and over. Finally he asks, "Mommy, what's that squishy stuff that starts like pl pl but it's not Pluto."


"yes, thanks. I was looking for that word everywhere."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Yucky Babies!"

A continuation of last week!

And here begins my wordiness...

Yesterday evening my husband worked the late shift and the kids got a bit giddy after dinner. They were running and playing outside while I cleaned up the kitchen. I vaguely remember hearing, "Yeah Goose, lets go get more of your babies" in between my hums of Natalie Grant's Perfect People. I didn't really think much of it until I poked my head out the slider to give a five minute warning until bed time.

I noticed my daughter again bathing dolls in the dog water and putting them in the sand box and with her brother's help to dry up on the trampoline. I shrugged my shoulders indecisive if I was ok with it or not. Really, they are just dolls and hey, it's always nice to see the stuffed animals actually making a show during play time instead of sitting in a closet.

I did quickly pick up one that used to be mine and quickly brush it off before I said, "It's almost time to come in and get ready for bed."

I knew it was coming before the words got off my tongue, "Goose come on it's time to go inside, let's grab our babies."

"Ah, not so fast, if the babies are coming inside then they need to go straight into the laundry room."

Very agreeable, my son then repeats my orders to his sister and as I start sliding the door I hear him say, "Let's go get our yucky babies!" My little toddler just cracks up, I mean giggles turned into a belly laugh! I was SO glad I was able to witness it, I'm so lucky to be home with these crazy kids.

Then one by one they marched their yucky babies inside and that's how sitting in my laundry room there is currently a pile of sand covered babies!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mother's Heart

Upon waking my thoughts immediately drift to my kids and our morning routine. Snuggles, breakfast, playtime and I can't stop thinking about if the babysitter found the milk in the outside fridge or if she would find anything to feed them for lunch.

I stand up to stretch my legs and look out the north facing window. Two cars drive past during the five minutes I stand watching the golden Sunday morning begin downtown.<\p>

I step into the shower to wash the smoke out of my hair (cursing Idaho legislation for not banning smoking yet) and hoping it will give me something to think about other than missing snuggles and kisses from the kids. <\p>

My thoughts do wander replaying the previous night out with my husband. How much fun it was to get out of the house for over twelve hours just the two of us. Dinner, dancing, walking, chatting, laughing. Remembering how this journey began and realizing how much stronger our bond is today than it was almost thirteen years ago when we met or even seven when we married. Sharing our hopes and dreams.

Relaxed, I look outside again attempting to comb my wet tangled hair with my fingers, knowing my comb is on the bathroom counter at home where I left it, with the toothpaste. I trust that God is keeping my children safe.

My body feels the stark white sheets calling - this is what you wanted, a day to sleep in and rest being responsible for only yourself. I climb back into my resting place next to Adam listening to the different rhythms of breath as a slowing darkness descends over me. I fall peaceful.

Friday, July 17, 2009

God Bless!

Last Night during bedtime prayers the normal list of characters came up.

God bless Daddy on his way home, God Bless Auntie Melissa and Uncle Mike, God bless Gabi and Mommy and me, God bless Sophie in Ethiopia, God Bless Gus, Addison, and Jake, God bless Zach and Starlie and aunt manda and uncle Jimi. God bless grandma and granny and grampy and grandma and grampa...

Depending on how much time we've got and when I say AMEN their are others besides maybe great grandma and some other aunts and uncles or friends. This night he continues, god bless Ben and Jake and Zach and Luke and all of their whole family (neighbors who moved a way last December), God bless Boondocks, and the water park, God bless, my bed and my baby lion and all of the people I know and all of the people on the whole world. Amen!

and I just wanted to remember it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm grateful my husband is home after being gone for three days. Even though he hadn't slept well while away he spoiled me by getting up so I could sleep in this morning.

At the dentist, my son had a wonderful experience, not that a filling is joyful, but I just love the kids dentist. The best part was that dad sat in the room with him while my daughter played in the waiting room and I remembered my book!

After lunch and dropping daddy at work, we stopped at a park with lots of shade for me and my ergo clad baby toddler to sit/nap under. Once again I was able to read for another nice chunk of time. Ahhhhhh.

When we got home I suggested the kids take the accumulation of dishes and pots that go to their little kitchen outside with a dishpan of water and wash them. (Can you guess who's book I was reading, thanks Mary!) it kept the kids happily busy while I marinated a flank steak and cut up fruits and veggies for dinner.

Somehow a certain funk descended on everyone under five right before dinner and they devolved into wildebeests. We all survived an early bedtime!

I drove to pick up my husband an hour early so that I could bring him dinner and get in some more reading time!

I have to say one of the best benefits since Grandma moved in is the exponential increase in time Adam and I spend together taking walks, going for drives or other outings after kids are in bed.

Tonight we went walking in my favorite part of downtown and brought home ice cream. Delightful. All in all a wonderful day.

Home Grown Yumminess

I stand by my title, yumminess = yummy + goodness!

About four years ago my neighbors planted raspberry bushes and I knew eventually they would come. It didn't take long for them to pop up under our neighborly fence but this year seems to be the year that we will get to eat them.

Last year there was enough for my son and I to pick a few and snack on them and for my dog to help himself. Not really enough to do anything with, plus I found out this year that I hadn't pruned them correctly.

Today we picked half a bowl full, enough for us to share at dinner with our Swedish pancakes!

It doesn't take a lot to make me giddy and so here I am totally excited to have more succulent, sweet, tart and juicy berries!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Something I Never Thought I'd See Pre Kids

She had washed them in the dog water dish and then obviously they needed to dry in the sun! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Scrubbing, Singing All The While

This morning we had to show our house and I found myself wishing I had done the things that had been on my list since a week ago. Pretty soon however I realized that I have an asset I'm not using to his full potential. My son.

My almost five year old son dusted every window sill in the house, vacuumed almost every room and swept an area of crumbs in the kitchen. He is normally more than willing to help mop the floor or spritz and scrub a toilet and I need to take full advantage of this, while he feels this way!

Granted, today was a lot of work for him, he seemed to enjoy it and kept asking to help. I think adding one more chore every day might even give him a greater sense of accomplishment and purpose. He is currently expected to empty the silverware, (or sort it if his sister puts them away in the corner of the drawer) feed the dog once per day, besides making his bed and picking up toys at the appropriate times.

It's nice that he currently has the desire to help and I'd love to hope it stays but am not quite that naive. Plus it's nice to know what I can expect from him. You know recently he bugged me enough to get my flute out and start to play it and for some reason I started thinking about my high school choir director. Yeah, I have no explanation for my train of thought, I am aware that a flute is played in a band not chorus. :)

Back to my original thought, my HS choir director expected a lot from us. We sang some pretty difficult stuff. Only back then, I don't remember knowing it was difficult, just what we were singing. My point, if I have one at this wee hour in the morning, I think that people tend to perform as expected. If I expect my son will be able to conquer difficult tasks, I bet he'll learn. I also hope it gives him a sense of belonging and pride, knowing that he is a valued part of our family.

Worry not about my son becoming a child laborer, his chores take about five to ten minutes a day. I don't think this too much to ask since maybe him helping will give me a five minute break! A Mom's chores take the majority of the day after all! ;-P