Friday, July 17, 2009

God Bless!

Last Night during bedtime prayers the normal list of characters came up.

God bless Daddy on his way home, God Bless Auntie Melissa and Uncle Mike, God bless Gabi and Mommy and me, God bless Sophie in Ethiopia, God Bless Gus, Addison, and Jake, God bless Zach and Starlie and aunt manda and uncle Jimi. God bless grandma and granny and grampy and grandma and grampa...

Depending on how much time we've got and when I say AMEN their are others besides maybe great grandma and some other aunts and uncles or friends. This night he continues, god bless Ben and Jake and Zach and Luke and all of their whole family (neighbors who moved a way last December), God bless Boondocks, and the water park, God bless, my bed and my baby lion and all of the people I know and all of the people on the whole world. Amen!

and I just wanted to remember it!

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