Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm grateful my husband is home after being gone for three days. Even though he hadn't slept well while away he spoiled me by getting up so I could sleep in this morning.

At the dentist, my son had a wonderful experience, not that a filling is joyful, but I just love the kids dentist. The best part was that dad sat in the room with him while my daughter played in the waiting room and I remembered my book!

After lunch and dropping daddy at work, we stopped at a park with lots of shade for me and my ergo clad baby toddler to sit/nap under. Once again I was able to read for another nice chunk of time. Ahhhhhh.

When we got home I suggested the kids take the accumulation of dishes and pots that go to their little kitchen outside with a dishpan of water and wash them. (Can you guess who's book I was reading, thanks Mary!) it kept the kids happily busy while I marinated a flank steak and cut up fruits and veggies for dinner.

Somehow a certain funk descended on everyone under five right before dinner and they devolved into wildebeests. We all survived an early bedtime!

I drove to pick up my husband an hour early so that I could bring him dinner and get in some more reading time!

I have to say one of the best benefits since Grandma moved in is the exponential increase in time Adam and I spend together taking walks, going for drives or other outings after kids are in bed.

Tonight we went walking in my favorite part of downtown and brought home ice cream. Delightful. All in all a wonderful day.

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