Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wonderful News!

No, no baby yet LOL, we have accepted an offer on our house!!! Since we've been waiting 10 months for an offer we've been both stunned and celebrating since Saturday. The reality hit today when we passed inspection and realized that we have to be moved out in less than a week!!!

Even though closing is on the 21st we are going to our church's annual family camp on the 20th so we need to be moved out by the 19th. HELLO that's in 6 days and boy am I thankful for all the nesting that I've been doing. But I'm looking around feeling very overwhelmed at the amount of stuff still needing to be packed!!!!

I'm having a packing party on Friday with some friends - can you believe the dork I feel like calling and inviting people to come over for a free lunch and help me pack!!! I'm lucky and grateful that so far all have said yes to come and help me one day or another! If you have a spare prayer one for my sanity would be much appreciated!!!

I am craving my blogging addiction and it looks like there is no relief in sight since for the next 6 days I'm packing then for the 5 days after that we're camping and playing (what a nice relief that will be.) Then when we return we are temporarily homeless since we have tenants renting the house we'll be moving into who have just been given their notice so they won't be out until July 12th!!!! I know that all will work out and God is so amazing - I'm just in awe at all the blessings we have. I'm not certain how often I'll be able to get online since not having a permanent residence for 3 weeks or so usually means no internet....sigh...

Yipppppeeeeee!!!! It sold before the baby came!!!! Now I'm just praying we get through the next week smoothly!!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Random Snippets

Goodness, life has a way of running away. My brain has been working in random ways today so this post is bound to be varied!

I can't believe that I'm 30 weeks along already - seriously where did these months go. It's hard to fathom that in 7 weeks I could have a baby that's considered full term!!! Yikes!

Thanks to Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing a huge box of stuff arrived at my doorstep from Mason & Matisse. Talk about a ton of fun stuff for our us to have with our new arrival coming soon!

Until earlier today I hadn't turned on the computer in days, I've been both nesting and just letting myself focus on my "real world" a bit more. I do realize it's been forever since I blessed you all with a picture of my prego belly so I'll be doing that this week.

I can't promise to read all 600+ feeds in my bloglines so if I missed something extra special please let me know...please!! It's amazing how I feel that many of you are like close friends even though we've never and probably won't ever meet face to face.

I've been feeling very anxious and excited about meeting our new daughter face to face. I'm nervous about the adjustment time. How will my son and my relationship fare? Will I still be able to give him the attention and love he needs? I thought about this today as I sat rubbing his back singing him to sleep for his nap. For the last almost three years if he's taken a nap (where he didn't fall asleep in the car) I've put him to sleep either by nursing or rocking or now that he's in his own bed rubbing his back. Of course this is just on the occasions that he actually naps, 3-4 times a week or so, but I've been treasuring these afternoon times since it's one thing I'm pretty sure I won't be able to do with a teeny tiny one around. I know that's ok and I'm blessed that I've had so many special times with him until now and I do know that there will be plenty more to come.

I'm also so very excited to have another little body to nurse and cuddle, to sleep in our bed at night and to carry in a sling. I'm thrilled to see how our son grows to love her, care for her and be the big brother he is meant to be. I just can't wait to look into her eyes and prove to myself that this love I feel is real and that she's so real. Just to see her little face knowing that she is our precious gift from God for a time. I've glimpsed how fast it will go in the last three years and I know it's not slowing down.

I'm looking forward to all the small and large milestones alike with both of them together. The joy that I have giving each of them the other for a sibling is off the charts. I know that they will only be better people having each other in our family. I absolutely adore that when my son comes into our bed for his morning cuddles he'll hold on to my husband and I and say, "We all a family. Family in bed cuddles. Mommy Daddy,(his name), and baby sister." Even he knows that she's already a part of our family even though she won't officially be arriving for a couple more months!