Monday, July 28, 2008

Walkin' on Sunshine!!!

I'm apparently on the other end of the parenting spectrum, the last couple of days have totally rocked. I'm starting to self diagnose with a common disorder called Teething psychosis/Mommy guilto-sleepyphrenia!

I thought I would share a few milestones from the last few days since there have been quite a few.

My son (thanks to a new sticker book from Grandma) can now sort things from smallest to biggest (and reverse) and has learned several opposites as well as the seasons. He also sat there and concentrated on the book - would ask me for the instructions - for about an hour. I think homeschooling preschool this year is going to be fun. We bought a couple of work books the other day to help us and he's already asking to do school.

My daughter has a list of fun new skills. Today she said MAMA for the first time (not counting when she's said it in a screaming fit). To ice the cake, she said it all day long - ah, it was great! She's signing all done at meals and says her da-da with an occasional wa-da sound for water. Her voice has the cutest little inflection when she says uh-oh (big brother was very proud to teach her how to say that one.) She's getting the knack of going downstairs on her tummy and (this one's a bummer for me) she can open up all kitchen (and bathroom) drawers and cabinets. Oh my goodness is she a busy little one!

Alas, I have a kitchen full of dishes to scrub - I can't believe that my Grandparents never had a dishwasher. I can remember being home from college and up at my Bobo's house and helping him with the dishes. I said to him, "I never realized that you don't have a dishwasher." He replied, "I do", he paused and I looked around again "it's me."

So now I'm our dishwasher and it's sort of fun when I can put it in perspective. At least I'm in great company. When I'm making lots of stuff from scratch there are quite a lot of dishes so it's a bit of a challenge that I'm prepared to keep doing. I really am not motivated to buy another cheap one that's not going to work for very long or very well AND I'm certainly not ready to part with the amount of money it will take to buy a nice one that will polish them to a clean mirrored shine.

Oh, and Linds...I thought I had your email, but I can't find it. I think the only thing other than teaching three pilates classes a week that's helped me to loose all my baby fat is nursing my little one on demand. No pacifiers, or bottles etc. not to mention that she's just in the last couple of months become interested in table food. I'm sure that has been the key, since I'm the smallest I've been in my adult life. As she weans I'll most likely put on a little more pudge again! After my son started eating solids(quite a bit earlier than her) I gained back a full size. So we'll see what happens this time. Sorry, I wish I had a secret that everyone could take part in!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Can someone please tell me...

...where my baby girl went??? And how is it that she's already climbing and standing???

She is up the stairs in a blink if the gate isn't up and her brother cheers her on. (Like it's a good thing the baby can get to the top all by herself in 30 seconds flat.) I'm encouraging him to teach her how to come down safely.

She's in her last month being zero and (I know I constantly say this) but I don't know where the year has gone. It's hard to believe that last year at this time I was almost 70 pounds heavier than I am now (yikes!)

Luckily she still lets me wear her around much of the time which give us both some extra time together now that she's so busy! Even though from the set of pictures at my sister's wedding it looks like she's still very interested in what her big brother and the rest of the big kids are up to without her.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


It helps to write stuff out, listen to encouraging comments and talk to other Moms find out that some stuff you are certain only your kids do is just not the case.

I've decided that since I am in this for the long haul, I'll need a life jacket! 'Cause Lord knows, I can't do this alone.

Oh, and today while my baby was fussing and not wanting to nap I was rocking and singing to her while my son ate a snack. He turned all of a sudden and said "Mommy, you're doing a great job." So we're going with Great today!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's not that there's nothing bloggable going on,

for goodness sake my son told our entire church during the kids story on Sunday that our house has no dust!!! God bless that boy! I've been meaning all week to show him what it is and teach him how to get rid of it...then he'll be telling the truth!

"I planted these seeds Mommy and now they are zucchikinnis." (kinnis for short)

Dinner tonight was a new Alton Brown favorite accompanied by the first real zucchini crop and corn yummy!! We've had the last two wonderful days with Daddy home, done some housework and even got out just the two of us.

So why am I in a bit of a funk, I just don't know for sure. I do know that I'm incredibly blessed - I know it with every fiber of my being. Why then do I get so, angry/upset/hormonal about stuff? I live in a house - not a bungalow, have all the modern appliances that one needs (including a dishwasher that does nothing but bake the food onto the dishes so that's the only - by hand.) But at least that is in a sink with hot running water - not a river bed or something.

It feels fake to leave everything on this blog so happy-go-lucky fluttering up in the clouds about life when really I'm down here on the ground.. scratch that.. I'm down here in this ravine just trying to keep my head above the water.

There are days like the last two before today that I can barely tread water, I'm sinking and I have to yank out a reed to get a screeching gasp. Keeping up with the essentials seems like racing in a triathlon.

Overwhelmed is a feeling I deal with daily almost as far back as I can remember. In college, since I also procrastinate, I can remember just sitting in the library looking at a stack of books not knowing where to start. I feel constantly like I'm making the wrong decision - over analyzing, under analyzing, not researching some parenting thing enough or just not being consistent with the type of parenting from day to day.

I keep thinking someday I'll have to apologize to my son since he's the oldest for being the guinea pig. Then today I realized that while I have more tricks up my sleeve the second time around, a different child calls for even different facets of parenting. Tonight I learned that my daughter will fall back to sleep by me simply slightly bouncing her (her laying on her tummy) with my hand on her bottom. So much shorter than a huge nursing session - seriously it takes me humming just one verse of Amazing Grace! Not that I'm done nursing or anything but she's almost one (instert pathetic little cry here ;0) ) and has been waking up every hour or two and I'm sore and she's teething so we can use a few less nursing moments.

What it comes down to is encouragement and commitment and attitude and love. Among others, lots and lots of love! The days like today have there struggles, in spite of those (or because of them) we learn, grow and wonder about what tomorrow might bring. Yes, almost four year old boys are too rough and yes they push the boundaries but isn't that what they are supposed to do to learn themselves. Maybe in their own way they are telling us that if they are still making the same mistakes after many months, Mom might need to change her approach?

These times when we struggle to keep from drowning and win the parenting battles are rough but how much brighter the sun will look when find sure footing looking up at our beautiful kids growing in the blink of an eye.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Arr matie!

We have been doing some thinking outside the box with our parenting lately because some things just ain't workin' any more. Probably having so many changes - traveling without Daddy for 10 days didn't really help anything. Then coming home to no regular routine isn't helping either, late nights early morning swimming lessons, it's a lot for a little boy to take in.

Last night Adam left him in his vacant bedroom (from efforts the night before) and said, "Well honey I told him that his bed was a really cool ship and the room was the water. I told him to stay on the fun ship until morning. Then I swam out of the room" I told him that was a great idea, hopefully it would work.

About 15 minutes later we hear pitter patter of feet above our heads, Adam walks to the bottom of the stairs and says, "What are you doing out of your ship."

Our wonderful son simply replies," I pulled the plug and the water went down the drain."


Oh ME!

I am constantly visiting blogs that make me feel like mine is just a glorified picture posting board - I do love photos after all. So many people in this world have been gifted with a wonderful talent to write and I'm grateful they do.

One such blog that I have been enjoying for awhile is Green Inventions Central and the last post describes exactly what I feel when I go shopping for myself (which I generally dread) It's titled Deliver Us From Me-Ville if you want to pop on over for a read and I'll be putting the referenced book on my wish list! ;)

I used to think that I didn't like to shop because no one would ever come over to help me. Adam and I would both go to Nordstrom's say and he'd have someone help him in all of the departments. After awhile, I'd come up with my stuff giving his guy the commissions on my items too - since no one would help me.

With age I've learned that sales people can read me from a mile away. They know that I'm not going to by those $500 shoes and that nothing they say will convince me that my feet are worth it. Now I do have had a pair of $50 black flip flops that are on their fourth season, some people would say that's an expensive pair of flips. I wear them ever day - all spring and summer long (at least 6 out of 7 days seriously) that's only about $12.50 a season and they are still the most comfy shoes I've got.

My point is go read LL's version - it's way more better!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I love you more today than yesterday!

Happy anniversary, my love! It's hard to believe it's been six years! What a wonderful day it was and each one after have been. I'm so forever grateful to have found my one and only. ILYM!!!!

Friday, July 04, 2008

When you set a date it comes...

Giving Uncle Mike cuddles - the day before the big day!
She's such a beautiful bride!!!!

My Gram is quoted as saying this and it's so true but now it seems strange that it's already over. Months of planning becomes a busy weekend of fun filled memories.

When I say everything was perfect - it really was. We all had a fabulous weekend with her and her now husband. Funny thing is that in six years of them being together I had never met him. It was a nice excuse to finally do that!!!! It's nice to have my son yelling over my shoulder as I look at pictures, "That's my Uncle Mike!"

My sister looked gorgeous and the ceremony was beautiful. Both the bride and groom wanted it to be overcast so that the weather wouldn't be too hot. They got what they wanted and the rain held off until the reception was over and the band packing up. Like I said perfect - I loved all the rain on this trip- nothing like a few New England thunder storms to make the air smell sweet and the mosquitoes thirsty.

Back to the was virtually impossible to do both bridesmaid stuff and parenting stuff the morning before the ceremony. Somehow it was done however, my daughter slept through much of the getting ready and I hurriedly gave my son a snack and got him dressed in his shirt as I got dressed. When he was ready and Melissa was getting her dress on I felt it was time for him to go out with my brother and his cousins but he was resisting me greatly. I was literally trying to shove him out of the small dressing room but he kept saying that he wanted to say something to Aunt Melissa. So reluctantly I gave in backtracking into the room and my little man got her attention and said, "Aunt Melissa you look so pretty." Talk about starting off the water works.

The timing of everything was perfect. A couple guests were late so they waited a few minutes to start, during which time my daughter threw a crying fit. Thankfully right when we started walking down the aisle she calmed down - thanks to my fabulous sister in law!

Here's a few pictures of the happy couple and the rest of us. I don't have any pictures of the ceremony on my camera - that would have taken super woman abilities. (Or at the very least Adam's tripod and remote clicker.)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Fourth!!

We've returned from our adventure over many rivers, through the woods, to Granny and Grampy's, visiting aunts and uncles and many cousins, rehearsal, wedding and reception!!! Sleepless nights, tired kids, many cuddles, car ride giggles, teething, lots of playing, long days, eating lobster in a Maine thunderstorm. Altogether tons of wonderful memories - I hope I can remember it all.

My baby sis is married !!!! I'm so happy to for them - everything was just perfect.

It's late and I have about 300 pictures to go through - ahhh, I love pictures! So for now I hope all of you have a terrific holiday with your friends and families. We will begin to catch up on our sleep!