Friday, July 04, 2008

When you set a date it comes...

Giving Uncle Mike cuddles - the day before the big day!
She's such a beautiful bride!!!!

My Gram is quoted as saying this and it's so true but now it seems strange that it's already over. Months of planning becomes a busy weekend of fun filled memories.

When I say everything was perfect - it really was. We all had a fabulous weekend with her and her now husband. Funny thing is that in six years of them being together I had never met him. It was a nice excuse to finally do that!!!! It's nice to have my son yelling over my shoulder as I look at pictures, "That's my Uncle Mike!"

My sister looked gorgeous and the ceremony was beautiful. Both the bride and groom wanted it to be overcast so that the weather wouldn't be too hot. They got what they wanted and the rain held off until the reception was over and the band packing up. Like I said perfect - I loved all the rain on this trip- nothing like a few New England thunder storms to make the air smell sweet and the mosquitoes thirsty.

Back to the was virtually impossible to do both bridesmaid stuff and parenting stuff the morning before the ceremony. Somehow it was done however, my daughter slept through much of the getting ready and I hurriedly gave my son a snack and got him dressed in his shirt as I got dressed. When he was ready and Melissa was getting her dress on I felt it was time for him to go out with my brother and his cousins but he was resisting me greatly. I was literally trying to shove him out of the small dressing room but he kept saying that he wanted to say something to Aunt Melissa. So reluctantly I gave in backtracking into the room and my little man got her attention and said, "Aunt Melissa you look so pretty." Talk about starting off the water works.

The timing of everything was perfect. A couple guests were late so they waited a few minutes to start, during which time my daughter threw a crying fit. Thankfully right when we started walking down the aisle she calmed down - thanks to my fabulous sister in law!

Here's a few pictures of the happy couple and the rest of us. I don't have any pictures of the ceremony on my camera - that would have taken super woman abilities. (Or at the very least Adam's tripod and remote clicker.)


Linds said...

Beautiful photos, Heidi! You look absolutely beautiful and so does the bride.
Thank you for sharing with us. More wonderful memories to treasure for all of you!

Stephanie said...

What a sweet boy you have!

Ellen said...

the wedding looks like it was perfect! love the pictures :) check out my new contest!

Sherri said...

You look great! I love the outdoor wedding and yellow dresses! It looks like a beautiful wedding!

Mike said...

Seems like a perfect weekend indeed.


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