Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spiderman Saves the Monkey Princess!!

But first, let's go back to last night. While Mom busily cooked an amazing meatloaf with spinach and biscuits,

the baby painted a beautiful pumpkin.

Across the dining room, the big brother pointed out where his Dad should carve out his pumpkin.

All had a blast!

Including the Daddy who carved his own masterpiece!

This morning, the Butterfly family awoke to some most unusual happenings. First, The Big Brother had a mark on his hand that looked like some kind of bite, he also showed signs of unusual strength by carrying his sister around. The Baby Sister only wanted to eat bananas all morning long, not really so unusual but she was also climbing the counters (still fairly normal) and her ears seemed a bit larger.

Pretty soon, "shazam" things were really out of control. This "friendly neighborhood Spiderman" showed up to save some sort of Monkey Princess.

The Mama just figured she better help out, so together they found the Monkey Princess. But she couldn't find her bananas, and she was very hungry.

Spidey quickly retrieved a bunch of very ripe yellow and slightly brown bananas with his super fast webs. Then he remembered, "ooops" Monkey Princesses only eat very special bananas with no brown, only gold and yellow sparkles.

Quickly three glittery bananas were located and Spiderman saved the day for one little cutie. Reunited with her banana, the Monkey Princess spoke a very happy "oo-ooo-aha-ha-aa-aa" and they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

Behind the scenes: Spidey is one funny and silly little guy! He tells me that he doesn't like to hurt anyone, but bad guys have to get to the police. So he helps the fight grime. He also wanted everyone to see the face beneath the mask! Yikes!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Just one more...

Since March I've been reading a photo workshop book called Photographing Children given to me by my fabulous sister. Applying the things I've learned has made a vast improvement in my photos. My husband has a knack and a raw talent for photography, he really enjoys it and he's good at it. For me it wasn't so natural and I was having trouble figuring out what I wanted from our family photos. I was also frustrated that we could both use the same camera but my pictures never looked as good as his.

This year it was easier for me to communicate what I wanted. Even though we were not all dressed (coordinated at all) for family photos the ones we took turned out cute and these ones of the kids on the stool are priceless. I finally was able to convey to Adam that I wanted the background out of focus, and he easily did it where it still takes me a minute. I'm slowly learning how to take the photos that I desire.

I just happened to turn the stool backwards when we were just about done and I like it better than most of the ones of their front. Even though it seems like most of the photo is of the bars of the stool, to me it brings the focus to their faces, not their clothes. We were also fighting clouds vs direct sun so without having any excess equipment we did our best. Again I'm using the term 'we' lightly, I really must say thank you to my wonderful husband for being patient with me and truly amazing. He really rocks! It will only take him a minute to photoshop the people in the background out, I'm still a snail at that stuff!

No more pouting about bad photos...

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Second Fave!

I know, it's not a typical family photo and when we took it I didn't think I'd like it at all, usually I like the kids to be more prominent. After looking over the more posed pictures I really like that the kids are in the background being natural.

Some silly ones toward the end of our marathon, I don't think the camera wanted to focus anymore by this point!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wondering What this says about me!

Out of 653 photos my husband took of all of us yesterday, this one could just very well be my favorite.

Something about fall says 'family photos' and after two parks and a ton of casual cute photos this one speaks to me. Maybe I'm just a backwards gal! We did get TONS of cute ones of the kids, SEVERAL out of focus, MANY pouting faces but this is my FAVORITE family shot.

I'll share my second favorite tomorrow :!)