Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spiderman Saves the Monkey Princess!!

But first, let's go back to last night. While Mom busily cooked an amazing meatloaf with spinach and biscuits,

the baby painted a beautiful pumpkin.

Across the dining room, the big brother pointed out where his Dad should carve out his pumpkin.

All had a blast!

Including the Daddy who carved his own masterpiece!

This morning, the Butterfly family awoke to some most unusual happenings. First, The Big Brother had a mark on his hand that looked like some kind of bite, he also showed signs of unusual strength by carrying his sister around. The Baby Sister only wanted to eat bananas all morning long, not really so unusual but she was also climbing the counters (still fairly normal) and her ears seemed a bit larger.

Pretty soon, "shazam" things were really out of control. This "friendly neighborhood Spiderman" showed up to save some sort of Monkey Princess.

The Mama just figured she better help out, so together they found the Monkey Princess. But she couldn't find her bananas, and she was very hungry.

Spidey quickly retrieved a bunch of very ripe yellow and slightly brown bananas with his super fast webs. Then he remembered, "ooops" Monkey Princesses only eat very special bananas with no brown, only gold and yellow sparkles.

Quickly three glittery bananas were located and Spiderman saved the day for one little cutie. Reunited with her banana, the Monkey Princess spoke a very happy "oo-ooo-aha-ha-aa-aa" and they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

Behind the scenes: Spidey is one funny and silly little guy! He tells me that he doesn't like to hurt anyone, but bad guys have to get to the police. So he helps the fight grime. He also wanted everyone to see the face beneath the mask! Yikes!

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Sounds like fun at your house!!