Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mommy a flower for you!!!!

Since my crocus started blooming a couple weeks ago every time my son comes into the house he brings me a flower. It's so sweet and since there's a plethora of them I'm all for it. Then a day or so later he'll point at my little vase and say "all shribelled up now."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This morning my son and I were playing Candyland when my husband walked in with the piano tuner. It was a very long game for some reason and after a few minutes I suddenly felt very grateful to have this moment with my son to talk about colors.

Our piano tuner is blind - born that way- so it was one of those smack me across the face moments that he never got to do that with his Mom. He's in his 70's now so I think he's made it just fine, I'm not pitying him he's told us much about his life and he is a wonderful man. It all just seemed so ironic, my son and I sitting chatting about colors and he in the other room chuckling when my son said NO when I asked if he wanted to help me fold laundry as we cleaned up.

When he was finished he and Adam engaged in some small talk about the piano, its smooth finish etc. and I hear Adam say, "it's also a really nice warm burgundy, sort of a cherry, color." And the tuner said, "huh, it's not a black one."

How on earth would you describe color to someone who had never seen it?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hello - I'm supposed to have all the tricks up MY sleeve!

Alternately titled - a three year old comes in handy at times!

Two nights ago I was sitting on my son's bed reading books with my daughter sitting next to me. She's sitting up pretty well now - not well enough to be unsupervised but I was right next to her. I moved my arm to turn a page and whack back into the wall she fell.

Out comes this delayed pain cry and I ever so delicately shoved my son off my lap to get her clear access to the feel goodIness of getting momma's milk. Well, she refuses apparently happier to scream!

She finally through sobs starts suckling when big brother comes over saying, "Poor baby sister you'll be okay, tickle tickle tickle." She looked over at him and her sobs turn into the biggest giggle and smile I've ever seen. I a bit enviously thank my son for his help and then get him settled in to finish the story when she glances up at me and gives me a little whimper.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What exactly was I thinking

saying I could teach four classes in one week? I haven't officially exercised in going on 11 months or so - other than walking! I'm really glad I didn't say yes to all seven classed they offered me, I'm teaching some yoga and pilates classes and boy am I more out of shape than I thought! Today was my third day in a row teaching a class and can I just say to my screaming muscles that I hear you and you have until Monday morning to stop so we can do it all over again!

Other than being hard to leave my little ones (just an hour at a time) it is SO fun. I think I'll get in to shape way faster this way, since I have no choice! It's also pretty fun to have people actually listen to my instruction...but alas I digress.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

Fashionably late...

It's party time again at 5 minutes for mom I'm fashionably late this year but head over to the Ultimate Blog Party 2008!. Last year I found some fun new blogs so I'm sure this year will be a blast as well. Not to mention they are giving stuff away!!!

If you're new here, I'm Heidi - Butterfly Mama. I'm mommy to two gorgeous kiddos a three and a half year old son and a six month old daughter. I mostly just blog about stuff my kids do or say along with things that are going on in our lives. A few unique things about me - I have faith in God (that's probably not so unique!), I have a worm composting bin in my shower., I'm into the environment, gardening and pictures - mostly of the kiddos.

So stop by, have a cup of tea and it's wonderful to meet you!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Today my son asks...

"Mommy am I driving you happy?"

Oops - can you guess what I've said too much lately!

Later, stopped at a red light I randomly ask my son if he's feeding his cracker to his baby sister. He says, "No Mommy." Content I begin to drive and he adds, "she doesn't open her mouth."

Yet she won't sleep in the car????

Yes, we are in the shower - and her head and hands are doing a fairly good job covering everthing - I've seen bathing suits that cover less (unfortunately). I find that the only way I can ever get my legs shaved is to wear her in my water sling from Nest. I usually nurse her while I'm shaving - no I have never figured out completely hands free nursing but at least her weight is supported and then I support her head in the crook of my elbow so one hand is free.

This particular day she fell asleep - luckily my hubby was home to snap an unforgettable picture before the camera battery died. I've been debating about putting it here for a couple of weeks and finally decided that in b/w it dosn't look so revealing. There's just alot of skin tone in the colored version.

Well, this is I'm certain WAY more info than you wanted about my shower babywearing and probably more of me than you ever thought you'd see on this generally G rated blog!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ever washed a pull-up?

Can I just say, eeeewwwwwwwww gross to the gel clumps in my washing machine. I've accidentally washed the Seventh Generation diapers before and they seem pretty sturdy and hold up to it - of course they are free of chemicals and the like anyway.

The pull-ups were left over from our trip this past Thanksgiving and since he's only in diapers at night I thought I'd use those up. I guess one ended up in the hamper - he is notorious for that as well as putting them in the cloth diaper pail. I've pulled out most of the clumpy gel balls and have rewashed the load. I'm sure it will happen again but I'll be more watchful - 'till it falls off my radar again!