Friday, February 15, 2008

Six Months!

It's funny the difference in parenting the second kiddo. When my son turned six months I was ready with the mashed banana so eager for each new stage. Don't get me wrong, I'm eager with this one too it's just that I don't feel like rushing it. I'm ready to start feeding her solids sometime soon, just not right on her six month birthday. I'm not ready for the extra time it will take, the mess, nor the change in her poo! ;) It is the first step in the separation of our relationship and her becoming more independent and I just want a baby for awhile longer!

My MIL (who I only refer to as in law on this blog to keep track of everyone) made this wonderful necklace for me my daughter. She has scratched herself with another one of my favorite necklaces too many times to count, so I stopped wearing it. I'm thrilled that my MIL agreed to make this one for us. She's holding a bigger beautiful stone that you really can't see, it's nice and smooth and perfect for little fingers while nursing and makes a great chew toy for her while in her sling. Not to mention the fact that it's gorgeous, I'm so lucky!

Well my little six month old I don't know your stats for the month since we missed our mother baby circle. You have grown, and we have all grown in love with you even more!

UPDATED: I had to add this picture - I meant to put it originally be forgot!!! On 2/27 you were 26 inches long and 19 pounds 4 ounces

Here's what I looked like last month.

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Linds said...

I can't believe she is 6 months already, and they are both so beautiful, Heidi! I hope the croup has been and gone, and that you had some sleep too.