Thursday, January 17, 2008

Five Beautiful Months

This picture was closer to four months old!

Since I didn't make an official entry of her stats last month (The first week of December) she was 16 and a half pounds - the first week of this January, she's just over 17 and a half pounds. Since we've made an educated choice not to vaccinate either of our children thus far, we don't do the whole well child check up thing. We do go to a mommy - baby group once a month at the birthing center they were born and they let us weight our babes! It's nice to sort of keep up with her growth still, otherwise, I'd have no idea!

Click the following links to see how much I've changed:at birth, at a few days, two months, three months.

My darling, gorgeous little one, you've found your hands and your feet. You love exploring with those tiny fingers and it's cute to watch you figure out how to get the part of a toy you want into your mouth. You try many times before crying out in frustration but you mostly succeed! You especially like to chew on a favorite pink block's corner.

Your first Christmas!

Your big brother gave you the hiccups the other night by "sneezing." He's realized that when he says, "a-aaa-aaa-aaaaaaaa-chew" you giggle like crazy. We all think it's a very adorable little giggle. You are enamored with your Daddy and always give him this wonderful little grin - it melts his heart every time.

While baby feet are my favorite I just adore the pudge on your forearms, it is SO soft and squeezable - and very KISSABLE! We are so grateful for you what a blessing!

Love, Your Mommy

Five months with your cutie toes!

NOTE: I am in no way criticizing any other parents choices regarding vaccines. I do feel that each and every parent should take the time to educate themselves and then make an educated decision. Each family is unique and each parent needs to make decisions that meet the needs of their own family.


Heaven Sent said...

What a little cutie! I can almost hear that giggle by looking at her smile!

I am still researching vaccinations. It's a hard call!

Stephanie said...

Oh my what cute pictures. She sure looks like her daddy!

Wendy said...

She is beautiful! I can't believe she is already 5 months.

Looks like her big brother is enjoying his role. :)

O Mama Mia said...

LOOK at those rolls! She's edible!!!
I hear you on the vaccination debate. Its a family by family decision that should be an educated one. Bravo to the educated mama!!

Sherri said...

That's a hard call, but we did vaccinate ours. I know that we took chances and that our children may even have issues from them...we'll just never know. I was just too scared not to do them.
The things is, when a family chooses not to do it, they are still benefitting from all of those who do it. If others weren't doing it, then there would be a greater chance of an outbreak of a fatal desease that an unvaccinated child could get. Lucky for you and others who don't vaccinate, the deseases are still being prevented from entering our children. I just think we are all connected in that sense.
Baby girl is growing and beautiful. She is starting to look so much like you!
I love it when they find their toes! It is so interesting to me that, while it is fun for them, they don't even realize that it is an important step in pulling them out of their baby reflexes that they need to pull to pull out of before learning to crawl. I love the study of reflexes and baby development. It was my passion when I was stil working.

momteacherfriend said...

What a sweet baby and big brother.
We chose not to vaccinate as well. Absolutely no regrets!

L.L. Barkat said...

Oh, how very very cute!

Amanda said...

What a cutie, Heidi! And what a great idea to go weigh her at the birthing center. My babe's way too big to put on the produce scale any more! LOL.

Oh, and since we're chatting vaccines... I have good friends who recently told me that they wish they had listened to me when I was the only one talking about the risks of vaccines, while everyone else was talking about the "greater good." Their son began showing signs of autism after his 15mo MMRs, and was diagnosed at age 2. He didn't make eye contact or show affection until after months of therapy.

It took them until now (he's almost 3) to make the connection between the timing of the shots and his loss of language development, and also to find out that the vaccine he received was NOT thimerasol-free as their doctor assured them at the time.

We make the best decisions we can with what we know. Trust your instincts!

Anonymous said...

she's so chubby and rollie! heehee. We don't vax either, but I do still take them for well check appts. Popeye had his yesterday. I love all the photos!! I can't believe how big all these babies are getting! It seems like just yesterday we were all preggo and waiting to go into labor!

LaskiGal said...

I bumped into you at Flip Flop Mamma and had to comment once I saw your adorable little ones. I am a baby addict! When was your baby girl born? Mine was born the first week of August--he's a squirt (a month early), but starting to show those adorable baby rolls. YUM.

As for vaccinations--we researched and decided to get some, wait on others, and opt out of a few (there are just so, so many). Education is key and clearly that is what you are advocating. Good for you!

Gosh, I just love that last pic!!! What a doll!

LaskiGal said...

Yikes . . . he was born the first FULL week in August . . . the 10th. Only 4 days older. I LOVE when they grab their toes and giggle! Thanks for dropping by! Cheers to our DVRs!

Anna said...

Oh, she's just adorable! Her sweet rolls get me every time.