Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On my plate

A month has past as a marble rolling down my driveway - all too quickly.

It's more a lack of time thing than a lack of things to say, I miss my writing outlet. But it has been a nice break. Happy New Year!

I totally wanted to blog about my son's first Christmas program performance - signing I love you to me during a practice he just about melted my heart and falling in the front row while singing, he brought me to hysterical tears.

And his first time really enjoying sledding, and arranging all the figures in the nativity scene to huddle and be "close to Jesus." I spoke last year of a tradition my Mom did with hiding Jesus for us to find on Christmas eve then singing "happy birthday" to Jesus. When I hid Jesus, my son was very concerned saying adamantly that "Jesus wants to be with his family."

Currently we are all on a yeast cleansing elimination diet. We are on day 8 (it feels like month 8) without ANY sugar or sweeteners, wheat, yeast, corn, dairy, soy, fruit or eggs. Since I have been struggling with thrush since my son was an infant we decided to get serious. We are eating more veggies than we ever have and surprisingly my son has eaten almost everything I have offered him. We are treating the protein of the meal more as a side dish and having seconds of grains and veggies instead. The first day was the worst day skipping my handful of carob chips in the afternoon I don't miss them anymore. I'm still fighting with a sweet tooth in the evenings and would love to puree some fruit to top amaranth or barley pancakes.

We are going through a "die off period" currently where the yeasts are dying off and releasing their toxins into our blood stream for our body to filter out. We are fatigued and a bit depressed. Last night I had night sweats - and comparatively we don't eat a lot of sugar. We don't ever have candy in the house (Halloween excepted) but sugar is hidden in EVERYTHING. Including the "all natural"- no nitrate sandwich meats. We do eat a lot of fruits (more so than veggies especially for snacks) so yeast also feed on those simple sugars. We should be able to add them back shortly but I feel like the most horrible Mom saying no to my son that he can't have an apple.

Since breakfast has been my hardest meal of the day (we can only have oatmeal once every four days) today I added eggs back into our diet without noticing any setbacks so that will at least add some texture to our baked goods and a nice snack.

Let's see, I hope to have some pictures to post shortly, and I'll share some recipes just for fun!. Oh and my daughter's five months old so I'll need to write about that soon too!


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

This is something that I've wanted to do, but can't imagine how to go about doing it! You're right, sugar is in everything! I wouldn't even know where to start. You can't eat fruit? That would be hard for my kids. Can't wait to see updated 5 month old pics!

Mike said...

Never heard of a yeast-off diet. Glad I stopped by.


momteacherfriend said...

Major changes to the diet are hard to adjust to. We had to do some allergy elimination stuff when my son was one.
But if it clears up your system, it is all worth it. Hope it gets out of your system and you can enjoy your fruits again SOON.

L.L. Barkat said...

This is really interesting. I wonder, do probiotics also play a part in returning to yeast-free health?

Heidi said...

Yes, I we are all taking probiotics to replenish our guts!!! Also, we are taking other supplements to help kill off the yeast. Thanks for your comments.