Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Day of Milestones!

The most important one, my daughter rolled from back to front for the first time with her brother there cheering her on!!! It was so adorable. Having missed (from the next room)the first few times when she rolled from front to back it was nice to see her little effort to get over. She's just too cute!

The second first of the day was that I cut my hair. I've been wanting to just even it out for a few weeks. I didn't really like the way the layers were growing out but with my hubby looking for work I didn't really want to go spend the $25 just for someone to do it. You should have seen my bathroom floor. I know it's not perfect but I've decided that the best thing about doing it myself is that I'll always know how to "do" the style.

For some reason my hubby took all close up pictures - ack!


Anonymous said...

Your hair is so cute! I don't think anyone would have known you did it yourself if you hadn't said anything! Great job! I cut theBeast's bangs myself and did ok :) I was nervous! Your baby girl is too precious! It's hard for those chunky babies to roll over! I know, I have one!

Wendy said...

Very cute!

Sherri said... are very brave. You did such a great job!!!
Congratulations to your baby!

Mamacita Tina said...

Your hair looks great! And you did it yourself, wow.

Hurray for those milestones, congratulations to your baby girl! So cute! Sigh, I'm missing having a baby around the house.