Saturday, September 22, 2007

To my 3 year old!

Nearly a month ago my son turned three and I've neglected the big event here on my blog. In real life, we did it up with a big shindig and had a bunch of his friends over to celebrate. The focus was back on him, I'm sure a welcome feeling just days after his baby sis joined the family!

Throwing a party 12 days postpartum is great if your Mom is here! Thanks to Granny everything went smoothly! We made homemade playdough which was each kids parting gift along with a goody bag with a couple of dollar store finds in it. (Seriously I think we may have spent $5 at the dollar store for bags and party favors - sometimes I just love the dollar store!) Some bigger siblings helped put Cars themed tatoos on all the little guys and while it's always really important for me to make my kids cakes I let my hubby purchase this years- boy is that a budget killer! Well worth it in this instance however.

I just can't believe I have a three year old! He just had a little growth spurt too so all his 2T shorts are getting too short - good thing summer's almost over and we've gotten 2 seasons out of some of them!!!

My favorite things you are doing right now my beautiful boy--

  • The way you'll burst into song - and start singing one of "Bob and Larry's Sunday Morning songs" or "Doe a Dear" or yesterday in the car with the radio to "I can only Imagine" I love your beautiful little voice.
  • Everyday when I walk into your room after "quiet play time" there's a new adventure waiting for me - once you were even asleep on your floor and two days ago you ripped off a good two foot section of the wallpaper! THANKS maybe in a couple weeks you'll have it all off! I wonder if then you'll be able to paint the walls for us!
  • Your ability to learn has always fascinated me but now it's amazing. You can recognize most letters - only about 6 slip you up and you count to 30 - you can speak so well. Daddy and I are so very proud of you!
  • Ever since your little sister came along it's become apparent to me what a HUGE heart you have. You are always wanting to kiss and hug her (isn't that what baby's are for?) and you have learned to be very gentle and caring. It's a nice side to see of your very boy rough and tumble personality.
  • You can 100% get yourself dressed - if there are no buttons involved - which is a huge help for me! Mostly you get things on right side out even.
  • You still LOVE to help me in the kitchen, and you have most of just about every book that we own memorized and after two times reading through library books heaven forbid Mommy or Daddy skip one little line to save time before bed!!!!! I think "What do People do all Day" is one of the only ones you don't have totally memorized and that's a really long one. Yet still a favorite for you.
  • You know that D-O-G, C-A-T, and C-A-R and your name spell words. You ask me to spell things - did I say you are SO smart!
  • You are always willing to share with Mommy and Daddy and you are working on taking turns and sharing very well when playing with your friends. It's fun to see your imagination at work when you play with your "guys", matchbax cars, blocks and others.
  • You always make the sunshine a bit brighter each day for me and you'll always be my baby - even if you think you're a "big boy!"


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! I love the pictures! I had to laugh at the one w/the room all torn up. I've had that happen too. Sometimes you never know what you're going to find, huh. I guess we'll have good stories to tell someday. :) And, I love the last picture of him w/his Dad. It reminds me of such wonderful trust and love w/his father and how we should be w/the Lord.

Granny said...

I am so happy to have helped with his Birthday party! What fun and special memories. I love my handsome, cuddly, and so smart Grandson. Love the pics! Looks like I can bring some more stuffing for the fish next visit? What a wondrful record this is! :)

Linds said...

Heidi, this is just so full of joy and love... Happy Birthday belatedly to your lovely boy. That last photo is an absolute gem. I so agree with Wendy, the complete trust shown is stunning.

And it is great to see you back when you can grab a second!

Stephanie said...

How precious!

Happy belated birthday little man!

Mamacita Tina said...

Oh wow, three! Happy Birthday there wee fellow.

We did the Lightning McQueen cake at Ian't birthday too. I forgot to get a picture of the cake.

Great pictures. Love the last action shot one. Looks like he's going to fly.

Mamacita Tina said...

Heidi, by the way, I love the sweet stories you share of your family. I've given you an award, come over and see when you get a moment, ha!

Heaven Sent said...

Happy Birthday to that sweet little face! He sounds like such a cutie... and a smartie too! No wonder Mommy is so proud! I love that he calls them "guys." My brother always did too, and I think it really is the perfect name.

BTW, I love that last photo. Pure joy!