Friday, September 01, 2006

I'll show you my green thumb!

Playing again with O Mama Mia and Show me yours and I'll show you mine.

Show Me Your Green Thumb. Soil, water, sunshine, love… that’s what this week’s theme is made of. Outdoors or in, whether it blooms and grows beneath your watchful eye and nurturing touch…. or just plain exists at the bare threshold of greenness…. Show Me!!

I love to garden! This spring we had as much lettuce and spinach as we wanted. Next year I think I'll plant more broccoli which turned out good this year. I harvested and cured about 15 cloves of garlic in July, I think I'll do more for next year too.

Here's what is left of the garden: 5 tomato plants, some beets, carrots and one lettuce that's gone to seed.I've already canned two batches of tomatoes but with a two year old around a batch is only about 7 or 8 cans so I'll be doing more this month too.

I also planted cucumbers, zucchinni, and eggplant (which don't seem to want to give me any fruit) mixed in with my flower/shrub beds since our yard is fairly small - less than a quarter of an acre for our entire lot. We've had far more zucchinni than we can eat or give away so they get frozen for use in stews or stir fry or shredded then frozen for zucchinni bread.

Then there are pumpkin plants that have taken over the entire side of our house with the exception of a couple more tomato plants that are over there too. We have about 5 large ones and a bunch of little ones from 3 plants. So if you think your yard is to small to enjoy sweet, juicy, crunchy bounties from beautiful green vines or deep roots, you just have to be creative ... or else just do what I did and stick them anywhere and see what happens!


Wendy said...

Your garden looks great. I think we might try pumpkins next year, that is a great idea and fun for the kids! I am just starting to get into gardening. We've had one for 3 years and each year it gets a little better, but I have A LOT to learn.

owlhaven said...

Your garden looks great!!!!!

Amy said...

I LOVE to garden but now that we are renting my hands are really tied. I thought I would try pots. It's starting to cool off so maybe I'll get ideas and start in the spring. Do you do anything for the fall?

Sophie said...

nice garden :) and btw, your husband is totally sweet to mow, trim, and pooper-scoop! plus, he took off in the car after AM ran after the dog who (stupid dog!) ran off when the gate was open a mere centimeter. so thanks--made her life easier :)

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

OMGOSH! That pumkin is so pretty and perfect! I can't grow anything! The only things I've kept alive are my children! LOL.

Nicki said...

Your garden looks wonderful! I would love to do one like that.

Mom said...

Wow that pumpkin is big! I wonder if the little guy can pick it up?
love, MOM

Heidi said...

Amy: I've done pots before but not as successful. I was going to plant more spinach and lettuce- I still may depending how this weekend goes. But since we are trying to sell our house I've been busy too!

Mom, I'm pretty sure he can't he tried but it's pretty heavy.