Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Keep The Change

A few weeks ago our kiddo finally put together that spare change can sometimes go into his piggy bank- aka BEAR. Now if he finds some spare change he runs over to me exclaims "bear!" and runs to his room to give it to bear.

Today, this got a bit interesting as he found my little change dish in our bedroom that I use on the rare occasion I have spare change left. Many times today I have found him running from my room to his all giddy saying "money, money, bear" with little fists full of change. That's all great and everything (especially since it did keep him occupied) but when I tried to tell him that this was Mommy's place to save a small amount of money he looks at me and says "No Mommy money, MY money myyyyyyyy" and proceeds to put the money into his bear.

I suppose this way at least it's getting saved.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy it begins! :)

RE your comment at Stop the Ride, I seriously doubt you eat less than we do (as my waistline would porve!) I could use that chicken for so many meals b/c it was never the main dish just part of the main dish. It was a fun experiement. (I have been cooking that frugal this week!)

Anonymous said...

OOps typo I meant to say I have NOT been cooking that frugally this week!

O Mama Mia said...

he he he.... "MY money!" Man, they learn that one way too quick, no??
We have a chart for Sophia, that has things like happy attitude, feed the dog, good manners and so on. For each one she gets a penny for her butterfly bank. Nothing strict, just fun. Hubs is already teaching her to save for the importnat stuff... you know, like the super bounce balls in the huge gumball machine at Wally World. :)

Sophie said...

good for him for saving :) his little hands are too precious!