Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This morning my son and I were playing Candyland when my husband walked in with the piano tuner. It was a very long game for some reason and after a few minutes I suddenly felt very grateful to have this moment with my son to talk about colors.

Our piano tuner is blind - born that way- so it was one of those smack me across the face moments that he never got to do that with his Mom. He's in his 70's now so I think he's made it just fine, I'm not pitying him he's told us much about his life and he is a wonderful man. It all just seemed so ironic, my son and I sitting chatting about colors and he in the other room chuckling when my son said NO when I asked if he wanted to help me fold laundry as we cleaned up.

When he was finished he and Adam engaged in some small talk about the piano, its smooth finish etc. and I hear Adam say, "it's also a really nice warm burgundy, sort of a cherry, color." And the tuner said, "huh, it's not a black one."

How on earth would you describe color to someone who had never seen it?

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RachelMac said...

Hi there, Heidi -
Just found a blog that I thought you might be interested in - glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com. Maybe you already know about this? I just read a bunch of the old posts and they're fabulous! I didn't have your email address, so wasn't sure how else to send you the link. I'm enjoying checking in on your blog every few days.
See you soon.
Rachel M