Friday, March 21, 2008

Hello - I'm supposed to have all the tricks up MY sleeve!

Alternately titled - a three year old comes in handy at times!

Two nights ago I was sitting on my son's bed reading books with my daughter sitting next to me. She's sitting up pretty well now - not well enough to be unsupervised but I was right next to her. I moved my arm to turn a page and whack back into the wall she fell.

Out comes this delayed pain cry and I ever so delicately shoved my son off my lap to get her clear access to the feel goodIness of getting momma's milk. Well, she refuses apparently happier to scream!

She finally through sobs starts suckling when big brother comes over saying, "Poor baby sister you'll be okay, tickle tickle tickle." She looked over at him and her sobs turn into the biggest giggle and smile I've ever seen. I a bit enviously thank my son for his help and then get him settled in to finish the story when she glances up at me and gives me a little whimper.


Heaven Sent said...

How sweet! Kendall loves it when Emma talks to her too. It's so cool to see your kids love each other, isn't it?! (Especially now... before all the fighting begins!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, he sounds like such a great big brother!

Mamacita Tina said...

Great job big brother!