Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Yet she won't sleep in the car????

Yes, we are in the shower - and her head and hands are doing a fairly good job covering everthing - I've seen bathing suits that cover less (unfortunately). I find that the only way I can ever get my legs shaved is to wear her in my water sling from Nest. I usually nurse her while I'm shaving - no I have never figured out completely hands free nursing but at least her weight is supported and then I support her head in the crook of my elbow so one hand is free.

This particular day she fell asleep - luckily my hubby was home to snap an unforgettable picture before the camera battery died. I've been debating about putting it here for a couple of weeks and finally decided that in b/w it dosn't look so revealing. There's just alot of skin tone in the colored version.

Well, this is I'm certain WAY more info than you wanted about my shower babywearing and probably more of me than you ever thought you'd see on this generally G rated blog!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, that is PRECIOUS! I can't wait to wear a baby in the shower, too! Gray used to sleep in there all the time.


P.S. I just had to laugh because the word verification for my comment is: obgyns! Ha!

momteacherfriend said...

You did a great job cropping. Without the commentary I would have not guessed it was in the shower.
Very sweet pic.

I must say you are very talented to shave, shower and nurse all at the same time. :)

Anonymous said...

I wear Popeye in the shower and he loves it! He won't take a bath at all without screaming. I think that is a great picture. Not too revealing at all. Precious how she's all curled in there.

Linds said...

I wish they had had those things when mine were babes! It looks like the perfect answer.

Stephanie said...

I can't believe she sleeps in the shower!

The picture is perfectly sweet!

New Mama's Nest said...

that is the sweetest thing ever!!! If it weren't for modesty I'd ask to post it at my store!!!

X used to sleep (and nurse) in the shower all the time, it's so funny to me that he he doesn't like water on his head now, since he used to sleep with it pouring down (or maybe that IS why!)

Mamacita Tina said...

I've never heard of a water sling. That is so cool! I bet babies just love it!