Friday, November 06, 2009

Full Relationships

I've recently been convicted about something. I've been terrible at sending birthday gifts, cards and general well wishes. I still haven't sent my Mom, Dad or sister their birthday cards or gifts from July and August.(I know, GASP!)

Part of it is that it's hard to pick out gifts(we have only one car), get to the post office (expensive to send) and how many other excuses - for people that live across the country. But they are not just people, they are MY people.

This video shows a school teacher, Mr. Stroup, who writes to all of the students he's ever taught on their birthdays. All 2,500 of them, every year! It is so sweet and encouraging.

I'm sure that my family would have appreciated even a hand written letter on lined paper. I know they appreciated that I called and emailed and facebooked them all to acknowledge their day. My family all tell me it's okay because I'm busy with my life and my kids. While it might be okay, my life is NOT about me and I'm not outwardly showing that to those closest to me. I desire for them to know that even though I'm busy, I took time out especially and just for them. Because YOU are that special to me!

John, chapter 4 tells of Jesus and the woman at the well. I never really got what others I knew so deeply loved about this passage. Living water, yes, that is very important. The thing that hit me this past week however was that Jesus spoke to a Samaritan woman. You might think, big deal. Yes, big deal! Not only was she a Samaritan, but a woman, and an outcast or at least not very well liked by the others. She had to come get her water in the heat of the day when no one else would be there. She had five husbands and was living with another man, she was a sinner, in a big way!

He was all about relationships and He always had time for others, even in his own weariness. No matter how noble or humble their lives were, He cared for them. He didn't miss an opportunity because He was too tired from His journey, He made no excuse or complaint. He loves every one of us and I believe he wants us to have a life full of the relationships of those around us. He wants us to care and love one another as He loves us.

I know that no matter how hard any of us tries we'll never be perfect at loving others like Jesus was in his life on earth nor as he loves us still. We are not capable of the perfect love of God, yet another reason we need His Son! Does this then mean that we shouldn't try, just because we won't be perfect. Of course not, the reward is the fulfilling lifelong relationships with those we love. Reaching out to them not to show perfection or out of obligation but desiring them enough to do something small to let them know just how big they are to our hearts.


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful post.

It seems that in every circumstance Jesus was in, he always spoke to the heart of the person. He connected to them and made them feel special.

Although you may be convicted about sending cards and letters to your family and friends, I want you to know that YOU are someone who makes people feel special when they are talking to you! I've felt this from you time and again.

It's obvious Jesus sees this in you too and want you to take it one step further. You have the ability to make people feel special without knowing it. It's unique quality!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I'd love to be able to do so much more of what my heart wants to do for others, but we are limited in our day to day duties.

Just yesterday I finally sent out some packages I'd promised some far away friends MONTHS ago. It took SO much energy just to even THINK about going to the post office, let alone actually go there.

There's seasons for it all and I know someday I'll be in a position to do more than I can now. I am sure there are so many things we do that we don't realize how they bless others way beyond a letter or tangible gift!

It's the thought that counts, right? :)


Butterfly Mama said...

Thanks you two! I know, the thought of going to the post office is just ugh. Even after hours today with the two kids running about while I used the automated machine was hard. But we all survived and it was worth it.
I'm going to make an effort once a month to send out something to someone I love. And most of that will be small enough to send in an envelope :-) a kind word does so much.
Hugs to you guys and thanks for your encouragement!

Mom said...

You are a gift for me. You married a wonderful man and together brought to life 2 beautiful children! You write wonderful entry's here that warm my heart and create water in my eyes. This dear daughter is enough for me!
I love you and your family dearly! :)

Butterfly Mama said...

Thanks Mommy! Love you much!