Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Memories

Speaking of people I love my Gram has a special place in my heart. She has been visiting my Aunt and is able to see photos of my kids via the web so I'm posting some photos of our Thanksgiving highlights. It's really terrible because I should be sending her more photos but here they all sit, on this computer...
Starting the holiday memories with tradition and our family holiday rolls. Recipe from my great grandmother and "the bowl."

The dough got, "so big!"

First we roll (which takes great concentration)

or a bit of squishing

Traditions says the cinnamon sugar must reach the elbows *wink*

You want me to give these to you after I roll them in this yummy stuff, ha, good luck with that!

Rolling their own pie crusts

Happy Thanksgiving!

I finally finished sewing the little jumper dress she's wearing, not that I got a great photo of it but she was so happy to get to wear it, and I was too!

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Gram said...

Gram says "Thank you!!" She's on her way home in the morning.