Sunday, November 08, 2009


After a splendid Sunday my kids sit now at the counter eating cereal and bananas for dinner.

We've just had a bit of a dance off, not quite as comical as Bill Cosby and 'Sandman' Sims (remember that, "challenge!") but my son kept at it saying, "Mommy, can you do this?" At first he seemed surprised that I could and then he became impressed and then really competitive. "Well, how about this" doing some jump into a spin, jumping out and landing directly on his knees. Ah, not with these ol' knees, even on carpet, but give me a pair of knee pads and I'll barely keep up!

Right before this the kids were outside enjoying the spectacular that Autumn has to offer on sunny days. My son steps inside to say, "The baseball is stuck up on the roof, but it's not going down into any guts.......(10 seconds pass)....What are you laughing at? It's not even a joke or anything!"

During "quiet" time my daughter who is fighting naps lately sung and put about six babies and bears to sleep singing to various songs to them and then woke them up saying, "all fall down!" Yes, I use the word quiet time loosely!

Previously we took our dog Tyler for a walk. I chatted with my Dad, my son climbed trees while my daughter rolled down a small hill. All thoroughly enjoying what the day had to offer.

We dropped Daddy at work after a morning full of church and wonderful worship.

Now the kids are showering and then we'll go pick up Adam, get kids to bed and enjoy some time together. I have a feeling he's going to make me guacamole for my dinner - yup serious health kick and organized meal planning needed around here!

Life is such an amazing blessing!


Mom said...

Sounds like a great dinner for the Monkey Princess! And a wonderful day for all! I look forward to some of his Guacamole next time I am there!

Molly said...

Hi Heidi,
I just found your blog from Sophie's. Very cool! Have a great day!

Butterfly Mama said...

Hi Molly!!! Thanks, you too!