Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stupendous Snippets of an Afternoon

This afternoon after baking some scrumptious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies we bundled up and headed to the park. After swinging and playing a short while we walked our very cold fingers back home.

One of the houses on the park has several bird feeders and my daughter would call to the dozens of birds in their yard. She called and motioned for them to come and land on her hand. Visions of Cinderella singing 'A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes'came to me. The birds making her bed and all, we might need to watch that one soon.

When we arrived home (and after another cookie) my son and I were playing cars, I asked why his car went further than mine. His reply, "because it's allergic to big people!"

I was approached while making dinner, "Mommy what does batteries not included mean?" (No the tv was not on at the time.)

Play-doh is theraputic for a two year old even if the container says 3+! She made her brother and I some 'food' while I was getting dinner put together and her brother says, "Goose, this is stupendous. . . . Mommy, whats stupendous mean?" Keeps saying it over and over. I wonder if part of it's allure is that it begins a lot like another forbidden "s" word.

A conversation that as I hand recorded (my wits were not about me to grab the video camera) I over cooked the green beans for dinner but who really cared- not me! These are kids after my own heart for sure!
Son: (acting as a waiter)what would you like to eat?
Daughter: Chocolate.
S: First you have to eat your lunch, what would you like?
D: Chocolate!
S: No you have to eat something healthy first like pizza, hamburgers, or pasta.
D: Pizza please
S: (after becoming the chef and cooking the fastest pizza in the west) Here ya go.
D: Nanks
S: Eat the brocolli all gone.
D: yummy
S: Ok now what do you like?
D: Chocolate!
S: Do you want anything on top like sprinkles or whipped cream or ice cream or all of it.
D: Laa of it!
S: Ok here ya go, I ate it all but saved you one tiny piece.

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Sherri said...

I love it....that's precious!!!