Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh ME!

I am constantly visiting blogs that make me feel like mine is just a glorified picture posting board - I do love photos after all. So many people in this world have been gifted with a wonderful talent to write and I'm grateful they do.

One such blog that I have been enjoying for awhile is Green Inventions Central and the last post describes exactly what I feel when I go shopping for myself (which I generally dread) It's titled Deliver Us From Me-Ville if you want to pop on over for a read and I'll be putting the referenced book on my wish list! ;)

I used to think that I didn't like to shop because no one would ever come over to help me. Adam and I would both go to Nordstrom's say and he'd have someone help him in all of the departments. After awhile, I'd come up with my stuff giving his guy the commissions on my items too - since no one would help me.

With age I've learned that sales people can read me from a mile away. They know that I'm not going to by those $500 shoes and that nothing they say will convince me that my feet are worth it. Now I do have had a pair of $50 black flip flops that are on their fourth season, some people would say that's an expensive pair of flips. I wear them ever day - all spring and summer long (at least 6 out of 7 days seriously) that's only about $12.50 a season and they are still the most comfy shoes I've got.

My point is go read LL's version - it's way more better!

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L.L. Barkat said...

Thanks for the sweet words and the link. It's comforting to know you identified with the feelings I had as I went to brave the malls. : )