Friday, July 25, 2008

Can someone please tell me...

...where my baby girl went??? And how is it that she's already climbing and standing???

She is up the stairs in a blink if the gate isn't up and her brother cheers her on. (Like it's a good thing the baby can get to the top all by herself in 30 seconds flat.) I'm encouraging him to teach her how to come down safely.

She's in her last month being zero and (I know I constantly say this) but I don't know where the year has gone. It's hard to believe that last year at this time I was almost 70 pounds heavier than I am now (yikes!)

Luckily she still lets me wear her around much of the time which give us both some extra time together now that she's so busy! Even though from the set of pictures at my sister's wedding it looks like she's still very interested in what her big brother and the rest of the big kids are up to without her.


Linds said...

I can't believe how fast the year has gone by either! I think I was in NZ when she was born, if I remember correctly.
70 lbs??????? Are you serious? I know some was baby but HOW did you lose all that weight??? And where was it in the first place, because you have never looked remotely large! Tell all please - I need help! Groan.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

So fun to still be able to wear! And you look GREAT!


Sherri said...

It does NOT seem like nearly a year ago that you had those pictures made. Wow! I love her ponytails!

Granny said...

Love those pretty blue eyes!