Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mother's Heart

Upon waking my thoughts immediately drift to my kids and our morning routine. Snuggles, breakfast, playtime and I can't stop thinking about if the babysitter found the milk in the outside fridge or if she would find anything to feed them for lunch.

I stand up to stretch my legs and look out the north facing window. Two cars drive past during the five minutes I stand watching the golden Sunday morning begin downtown.<\p>

I step into the shower to wash the smoke out of my hair (cursing Idaho legislation for not banning smoking yet) and hoping it will give me something to think about other than missing snuggles and kisses from the kids. <\p>

My thoughts do wander replaying the previous night out with my husband. How much fun it was to get out of the house for over twelve hours just the two of us. Dinner, dancing, walking, chatting, laughing. Remembering how this journey began and realizing how much stronger our bond is today than it was almost thirteen years ago when we met or even seven when we married. Sharing our hopes and dreams.

Relaxed, I look outside again attempting to comb my wet tangled hair with my fingers, knowing my comb is on the bathroom counter at home where I left it, with the toothpaste. I trust that God is keeping my children safe.

My body feels the stark white sheets calling - this is what you wanted, a day to sleep in and rest being responsible for only yourself. I climb back into my resting place next to Adam listening to the different rhythms of breath as a slowing darkness descends over me. I fall peaceful.

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Mom said...

So glad you were able to have time to yourself! The children can take care of the babysitter!