Saturday, August 09, 2008

Stop, Thief!

Seriously, my dog eats the raspberries. Hello! And he nibbles away at the ones just before they are ripe enough to pick. Between him and my son I think I've eaten two!

But seriously today at the mall I parked my daughter in the stroller next to a table with folded shirts on it while I was looking at another item. I turn around and she's dumped them all on to the floor. (Mental reminder of why I usually carry her around.)

After I've unloaded kids and items from the stroller back at the car in the 95 degree heat I see this random shirt in the bottom of the stroller. Hello! I stole a shirt.

Kids were already buckled, it was nap time, and I had apparently already got away with it so I decided not to go all the way back. (terrible!?)

Good thing my hubby works just down the way so Children's Place you will be getting your little shirt back tomorrow!

Hopefully we're done with the confessions!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

And I thought our dog was the only one. Ours eats the blackberries when we go picking. I guess they like them! :)

I don't blame you for not taking the shirt back right away either!