Friday, August 29, 2008


Mary at Owlhaven is giving us something to think about again with the 30 Days of Nothing experiment. Two years ago I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the bloggers participating and we "sort of silently" played along, but it definitely got us talking and thinking. This year we're in and I'll be blogging about our experience.

With our diet constraints I normally don't buy many prepackaged items but lately I have been buying some gluten free granola bars and cereals. My goal is to once again make much more from scratch and use these 30 days to budget better. With my husband out of work for a chunk of this year we are still under that debt which we want to pay down as quickly as possible.

Another goal for the month will be to get in the habit of menu planning as well as having a loose weekly family schedule of activities. With a one and four year old we don't have many, still it is sure make our household run more smoothly if we know which nights Adam is going to workout or when a trip to the library will fit in.

One of my downfalls is forgetting to take something out of the freezer for dinner or procrastinating and we end up going out. There will be NO take out or restaurant meals this month. Adam usually eats out for two lunches so that will be drastically cut down if not eradicated as well. I know how much easier life is with meals planned it's just a matter of doing it - so I am!

I also can't wait to link to some of my favorite non profit organizations. Talking about them during the month will help me focus on the goal of being able to have more money left over to give to others.

Discussing and answering the hard questions, this is the great stuff. As a stay at home mom it is nice to get outside of my little routine and focus on the bigger picture of life. In the end we'll be using some of our extra cash this month for (in some minuscule way) the betterment of humanity as well as paying down our debt more quickly.

You can keep track of the other participants at Owlhaven with me in September.


Linds said...

I am going to do this too, even though it could well be an expensive month with David off to uni on the 20th.It will be interesting!

Sherri said...

This was perfect timing for me because I just had a conversation with my husband a couple of days ago regarding our grocery bill. I have come to the conclusion that I could spend WAY less than I do. I know because I have done it before. I have gotten to the point that I take the easy way out. I came up with about three different ways that I can cut costs while grocery shopping...I owe it to him to save as much of the hard earned money he works for that I can. There's so much more to spend money on than food that we don't need!!

Anonymous said...

We are excited about this project as well. You have some great goals.

suzannah said...

happy to have stumbled onto your site. i may play along too...
thanks for the inspiration!