Monday, August 25, 2008


I've loved the Olympics they are really the only sporting event that I enjoy. (Other than the occasional Yankee game) As much as I enjoyed them, I am currently happy they are through. Hoping that an earlier bed time will ensue. Alas, now I'm sitting here blogging instead of going to bed!

We've been getting teeth daughter got one bottom tooth a couple weeks before her birthday and one more this past week. Now I think she's working on the top ones, yikes. Lots of screaming but still tons of the usual giggling and happy playing. So really it's not so bad!

My son is now four, 4 - a number he recognizes along with most others up to 20. He seems to have inherited my quest for knowledge because he seriously would rather do some of the school workbooks I got for him instead of coloring. We are working on that since I think coloring happens to be an important skill for a four year old.

Happy 4th birthday my wonderful, rough and tumble son! I love you.

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