Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just call me Queen of the Squash

My parents tell of this trip that we took across country when I was about 3, I think. They say that all I ate (just about) was cherry tomatoes and french fries. Not that I would eat one or two cherry tomatoes but bowls full.

Always a fan of french fries but there isn't much better than picking those small, gorgeous, red, juicy gems off their vines and plopping them straight in my mouth. (After a quick rub on my shirt for proper sanitizing.) Yummy! I ate them yesterday and today until my mouth hurt and I'll probably do it again tomorrow! Hey I might get on the raw band wagon yet... when I went to pick on Saturday my lunch consisted of them and raspberries and I think even my son was happy with that meal!

Here's a picture of stuff that we harvested today from our garden. Yes, the big huge white summer squash was overlooked! So not only have we been eating zucchini three or four nights a week for several weeks now but I've got summer squash coming on and the yellow guys (which I was supposed to pick smaller too.) Not to mention that still in the garden is acorn, butternut and banana squash each awaiting peak ripeness.

In the basket are some light green peppers, tomatoes and basil. Just so I remember, three basil plants does not yield the amount of pesto that I'd love to have been able to freeze. I'll need to double that for next year - maybe inplace of one or two squash hills.

Seriously, the acorn and butternut were volunteers from my compost bin and I was curious what kind they were, so I let them grow. Alas, we just might start getting a thicker green skin by the end of this growing season...even the baby girl eats zucchini now too!


Wendy said...

yum - everything looks so great!

happy bday to your sweet kids too! you did great on those cakes!

O Mama Mia said...

Oh, won't you be my neighbor?

Mamacita Tina said...

Wow, what an awesome harvest! And I eat grape tomatoes like they're candy. I may have to try squash next year. The ants ate up our cobs of corn, sniff.

Hannah said...

Oh, this sounds like our house! We've been eating zucchini most nights, and my opinion is that you can never have too much basil in your garden!