Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm determined to get organized

Anyone out there have a good way to utilize the space on the top shelf of our master closet? We need the space to be more usable other than just throwing stuff up there that doesn't get used much so I'm hoping someone more organized than I will have a fabulous idea?!?

Oh, and I wrote about Nothing. yesterday and bloglines didn't pick it up if you want to check it out!


Amy said...

Girl. I need help with that too. The top shelf is a catch all/hiding place at Christmas time that has become quite the disaster. Let me know if you have any ideas.

MaryLu said...

We have a walk in closet in the master bedroom and I love that spave to keep things off the floor. My shoes are up there in cheap dollar store boxes and now that I am trying to be cheap, cheap, I use the shoe boxes they came in. If the store can d it, so can I!
I also have four stacking metal storage things from Wal-mart that I use on Hubby's side to organize his shoe shine stuff and small misc. military gear. I am a true fan of Rubbermaid and the like-type bozes with lids. They can be labeled and stcked neatly.