Monday, August 04, 2008

Six things of randomness...

Ashlee from mama's nest tagged me to play along and share six random facts about myself.

  1. I am currently addicted to reading anything by Dee Henderson. A very good friend lent me a couple of her books for our trip to San Diego last Thanksgiving and I've read at least one a month since then. And while we are on the subject of reading I'm anal about reading every single word. If I think I skipped one word, I'll read the entire sentence again...a speed reader I am not!
  2. I love pesto sauce. (We make it without the parm- just a couple handfuls of basil from the garden, a couple - or more - cloves garlic, a handful of pine nuts, a sprinkling of kosher salt and about a third of a cup of olive oil blended together.) Pure heaven to me lately!
  3. I am quite technically challenged. I am confident that I could learn much more than I currently know about computers and other high tech stuff but since my husband is quite proficient at it, I trust his judgment and I just learn what I need. I figure it saves time that way. Not to mention technology doesn't always like me either. We had a computer when we lived in CA that would flash an error every time I used it and sometimes when Adam would be using it and I entered the room. It was sort of freaky.
  4. My Gramp taught me how to water ski when I was a kid on our annual visits. When I was in high school and dying to learn how to ski with a single he was SO patient and for probably more than an hour since I just couldn't seem to get passed all the spray in my face and make it up. He suggested a break to rest my legs and I reluctantly laid on the dock for a bit. I can remember the first time I got up he smiled a wonderful grin and drove the boat on - so much fun. Now I'm realy wanting to spend a day out on the water :)
  5. The last week or so I have a vendetta against squash bugs. Three years ago they invaded my garden and were all over every plant. I'm keeping them in check pretty well this year but they seem to like just a couple plants so I go out and squish them in the evening after I get kids to bed. It's sort of satisfying for some odd reason!
  6. I used to be way more spontaneous and carefree before I had kids. Lately, I've been really missing that (not that I'm wanting to go skinny dipping or anything) just doing something here or there to keep the days from being so monotonous!

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I'm gonna break the rules and say if you feel like you want to share six random things about yourself - please do and let me know in the comments.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Your pesto sounds delish!!


RachelMac said...

Mmmm .... a use for pine nuts! I bought some a while back, but we don't like them just plain. I think I'll make some pesto! [:-) Thanks for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, now I want pesto! I have always wanted to water ski but never have! What a wonderful memory.