Saturday, December 13, 2008

Can't get enough of my 4 year old at the moment...

Tonight at dinner my son says, "I love Mommy and Daddy and sister and God and Jesus and all the angels."

Daily I hear, "Is it Christmas today." So I'm making a paper chain with him tomorrow and we'll cut the links off until Christmas. Mental note for next year, need some sort of advent countdown!

Oh, and today I actually had to say, "Please do not lick the snow off of the truck." Of course followed by the obligatory (on his part - being 4 and all) "whhhhhhhyyyyyyyy." "Ah, because it's gross!"


Granny said...

Mental note for me to send him an Advent Calendar next year!

Mike said...

Have a very merry Christmas.

And please share your Santa wish at Something About Parenting


Mamacita Tina said...

Isn't there extra vitamins in snow off of trucks? Too cute. The paper chain countdown is a great idea!

Anna said...

too cute!! Kayleigh will obligingly say OK then continue on just as before. At least your kids stops. ;)