Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Memories

Well, it's over, and it was a relaxing whirlwind of fun. We try to keep Christmas day as low key as possible but it still flew by like a winter breeze.

The kids are having a ball playing with new games like Hullabaloo and Hyper Dash. I seem to have a new spring to my step and have found a renewed joy in just playing with the kids. Not so much to do I suppose and so it's nice to be able to spend days in my pajamas playing games and dolls and building legos!

Some photo memories...

Christmas eve...

Proud of his creation, yet to him it's still not complete. A sunken roof top halted the decorating fun and Mom and Dad fixed it later adding icicles.

Christmas day...

Snow play!

Snuggly clean.

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