Friday, December 19, 2008

Just call me the plagerized mama!

Since everything else this month has been from my 4yo why not continue the trend shall we? Here are some things I've written on the side of the fridge this fall, as he's said them, so I wouldn't forget.

"Mommy, there's frosting on the grass." (It was near our first good freeze and we had only had a few frosty mornings.)

"Do we have all the geridients?"

"Right on dude!"

"Holy Gannoli!" (I say holy cannoli a bit!)

We were pretend playing, "Mommy call the firefighters because you're all fired up!"

I'd upload some pictures if I could only find the removable drive that one of my kids removed and promptly made disappear! Yes, both kids can remove it but really it's the littlest one I'm suspicious of...

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michelle of bleeding espresso said...

Goodness those are adorable!

Happy holidays to you and your gorgeous family :)