Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm eating sweet potatos...

and carrots, avocado, banana and squash!!! Yummy!

Yes, she's officially started eating regular stuff. And sleeping worse! Well not actually sleeping worse but trying to get her to sleep at night for about the last week has been rougher. She doesn't want to nurse to sleep so we rock and cry and cry and rock for awhile. Teething?!? I don't know 10 months old - will the first one break before a year? We'll see! It sort of puts a damper on Mommy's blogging time when the baby's up until 10pm - yes she's so much more important than my little computer habit!

I've been so bad about putting stuff in her hair. Mostly because not much stays but today I braved it. Got the palm tree (as my Mom called) to stay in it today. My son and I started calling it a "baby spout" - like a porpoise spout ya know. Anyway, she looks cute and it's got to be nice for her to not have whispies in her eyes.

She would not sit still and smile - all her big smiles were on the move!

Happy 10 months little one. You've begun to slow down gaining and only gained 1/2 pound this month bringing you to 21 and a half pounds of wonderful love! If you could call a crawling baby running you're doing it. And along with a baby push up position you have started to lift your hips into a little down dog pose too. It's just adorable. You want to be right in the middle of the action and are such a happy baby. Totally content as long as Mom, Dad and big brother are not far away! Last month I was doing this!


Granny said...

These are soooo cute! I love him feeding her with his mouth wide open!!! She looks very cute with her baby spout!

Sherri said...

I love the, love, love it!!!

Mamacita Tina said...

Oh, she has gotten so big! Great pics despite all the moving. Love the one with the orange food all over her adorable face!