Sunday, June 22, 2008

I could really use a cup of coffee...if I still drank it.

We all arrived safe and sound! Saturday was a long day but everything went as smoothly as it could. We flew in over the river looking at buildings boats and bridges. My boy says to me "Mommy an airplane is just like a bridge." Confused I look down at him and ask, "how?" He replies,"They both go over the water."

I guess they are similar then.

Back to that imaginary cup o'joe - cream, no sugar please. Oops, dairy free something I meant. Boy jet lag is a funny thing. You'd think a little two hour time difference wouldn't throw two kids into a time warp. They are both up late and then early. Both fell asleep just before 10pm last night (8pm at home) so not too bad. I could have skipped placing me had in warm goo at 4:15am when my daughter woke up to nurse for the how-ever-many-th time.

Finally getting us put back together and back to sleep I hear rustling from the corner where my son is supposed to sleep. I think I've only just closed my eyes since the diaper fiasco but then I also hear quiet movemets out in the kitchen so I know it's closer to 6am (yeah, 4am at home).

Without opening my eyes wider than the cover of a cheap paperback mystery I ask my son to grab the blanket that fell off the air mattress durig the night and cuddle behind me. Next thing I know wool over my eyes (actual wool), baby arms flailing and eye's pop open. Have I never mentioned that we don't throw blankets over sleeping mommies and babies. I have now!!!

My daughter seems to be taking a decent nap currently but I've tried every thing (short of glueing his eyes shut - I don't know where my Mom keeps it!) he just won't go to sleep. (current time 2:47pm)

I've already taken a bunch of pictures. Yesterday we went to Lasdon and walked the memorial trail as well as around the grounds. Then we went to muscoot farm. It was a fun morning and my nephews birthday party in the afternoon. Maybe I'll get some pictures up if my kids go to bed tonight, but of course - don't hold your breath!!!


Mom said...

Hey,I don't have any glue!!!

Heaven Sent said...

I'm with you on the lack of sleep, but I did have that cup of coffee. And it didn't help...

Hope the rest of your trip is more restful!