Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I've mentioned that for the last six weeks or so our house has been tv less and honestly we really haven't missed it. We've been watching movies on my hubbies laptop and recently watched csi season finales online - hello do the writers of Miami and the original one talk to each other it seems silly to end both episodes with a shooting... but I digress.

My poor husband is a Los Angeles Laker fan, it's in his blood as much as I'm a Yankee fan (not that I get to watch many games anymore.) I can't tell how lucky I am that basketball is the only sport he really watches - and he really only watches a few games here and there - except for during the play offs. He likes to watch when his team is doing well and of course this year they are in the finals playing of all teams the rivals from his childhood - the Boston Celtics and well, we still have nothing to watch it on! Every once in awhile he's gone out to watch them but it's fun for all of us to watch together.

I'm sure we'll survive. What an unnecessary luxury item it is but as entertainment goes, it's fun to watch a movie, PBS documentary or the food network once in awhile. As we are saving up for the tv we want instead of just running out to get any old one it might be another month or so before we have one. Not to mention my hubby's been tracking the price of it online and it keeps coming down in price so we might as well wait until it's hit bottom. It just humors me like someone is playing a joke on Adam with the Lakers in the finals and all!!!


Linds said...

I am sure this is a new look, or am I losing my mind??? I love it anyway!

It is amazing how much we can actually do without, though. I know what you mean about the tv, and how great it is to watch some major sporting event..... the tennis is on from Paris and I don't have the means to watch it. I am not thrilled, but I will survive!

kidkraft said...

I actually went without tv in my home for over a year. The kids were actually doing good and not missing it. It was my husband who broke down and had to get one.