Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Some other updates

Just felt like writing about some other stuff going on around here. Adam is in the third week of his job and he really is enjoying it!!! He was out of town for training the first week and my kids and I were just thrown into going it without Dad around to help out. Astonishingly it went well except we all obviously missed him. Even our little baby woke up the first morning, crawled onto his side of the bed saying "DaDa? DaDa?" like where could he be!

We are also getting used to him working weekends and having two weekdays off which is different but I'm certain we'll grow accustom to it all. We are grateful that God has provided a good job for him and one that he is enjoying.

We are all getting excited for my sister's wedding in New Hampshire in three and a half weeks. You'll all get to see pictures of me in this dress. And no there is no backless nursing bra in the world so I have not a clue what I'll be wearing under the back of the dress yet!

Another kicker is that it doesn't look like Adam is going to be able to come with us and I'm in the wedding. I'm sure my son will be fine sitting with another family member but my daughter has me concerned. I may be looking to make myself a sling out of some matching yellow fabric! Everyone she's attached to is going to want to watch the wedding not hold a wiggling baby and if she's in the least bit crabby she'll just cry if anyone other than Mommy or Daddy has her anyway. So I'm thinking that me holding her might be just about the best option since a screaming baby and wedding don't generally mix well! Oh, but I'm still praying that since Adam's manager has commented numerous times that he is performing well and really turning the store around I'm hoping he has a change of heart and lets him come. The first and last weekends of the month are blacked out for managers to take time off so now we know!

My son and I finally have planted everything in our little garden this year. It took so much work to clean out all the junk that our renters had thrown in there as well as weed the massive weed pit it had become. While doing all that work I thought why not add another foot to the garden so I ripped up 12- 18 inches of grass along the 22 feet of garden. But finally the seeds have been sown (and resown since my son went in and raked a hill of cucumbers!) I purchased already started plants for my tomatoes this year since this spring we were getting our house painted and ready to sell. BTW I don't think we will be selling now that we have a job! PHEW! Now our house is just a bit cleaner and we have less stuff around which is nice.

I'm pretty sure that's the bulk of the major things going on lately!


Linds said...

I am so happy to hear your Adam is happy in his new job, Heidi! Wonderful news! The dress is beautiful. We will need photos of course!

Stephanie said...

My SIL couldn't find nursing bras she liked so she turned her regular bra into a nursing bra by taking apart the seam and putting a snap on. Maybe that would work on a backless bra for you.

L.L. Barkat said...

You made me laugh with the observation about the backless dress dilemma.

And the weed pit. Well... I have a few of those around here. (Wanna come help me out? :)