Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Wonderful Gorgeous Day!

This morning started out a bit rough, I forgot to eat breakfast when my son did. The baby woke up and two blow outs later and nudging my son to get dressed for church I begin to get ready myself. Then got frustrated with my hubby for some little thing and remembered my bowl of oatmeal, berries and granola.

I'm so grateful to have food to eat when I need it! So many others in the world aren't so lucky.

Not five minutes after sitting down in church I had to take my son out for a little talking to and afterwards he was playing with a stick on the playground and Adam told him to put it down and leave it alone. Soon after another Dad comes over and tells him our son is swinging it around other kids...ugh.

I am grateful that our church is small!

After lunch my hubby went to work and had already instructed our son that he needed a nap today. Well, after standing guard at his door for 30 minutes he was forced to succumb to sleep.

I am grateful for some time to think.

Peace for 50 minutes- both asleep laundry folded and put away a room picked up, kitchen cleaned. Baby crying wakes up said son who is almost more whiny than earlier. Baby back to sleep, son feed a snack and sent outside to hopefully get a better outlook.

I am grateful to be reminded that whining is not acceptable - from kids or adults!

I decide I could use some of the same fresh air so I go out to weed in the garden. My son, still acting a bit ornery was playing with our dog (who didn't look all that thrilled about the whole thing.) I suddenly jump up and say let's play soccer. What fun we both had passing the ball back and forth and running the length of our yard time and again. Then after our dog popped the ball it made a perfect second base for our t-ball game.

I am so grateful that 15 minutes can change everyone's outlook on the entire day.

When the baby wakes up we head to the park - it seriously was California weather here today - 70 mostly sunny big puffy cotton candy in the sky - perfect. On our way out the door I finally remember to bring the camera along to capture some pictures of the wee one in the swings. When we get to the park I realize the battery is dead. I've seen Adam remove the battery when it dies, replace it and then it will take another picture. I did this about 8 times and came out with a few cute ones.

I am grateful that I have a resourceful husband to learn from.

After more t-ball with one of the boys from next door, a pretty yummy dinner and a visit with some friends to watch the basketball game. (Even though they lost) We had no need that wasn't provided for in excess.

Boy am I grateful to live without want for any need and then plenty! Life is good.

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