Thursday, September 11, 2008

Squeezy hugs

Today is one of those days that I can't help but go scoop my kids up and give them hugs and kisses a bit more frequently than usual. We remember while we keep living.

It didn't really help that my son awoke this morning telling about a dream where he was all alone in the house and couldn't find us. Hearing my son say, "I was looking for you Mommy and I couldn't find you anywhere" is just heart wrenching.

Still seven years later I, like a deer caught in on coming headlights, can't turn away. I have to dvr everything I find about it and so, CNN replaces PBS this morning as I clean up from breakfast and get ready to can peaches.

BTW, my friend that I mention in the link above who worked at the WTC is getting married on Saturday. Oh how I wish I were in NY for her special day - not to mention this is my favorite time of year back there!


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Mom and Dad said...

We remember, too, many events from that day 7 years ago. Also, honoring the fallen lighting candles with you at the Firehouse, being invited in and playing with their new dog. Later we saw twisted metal on a barge in the East River. Yes, we join you in remembering 9/11/01
Love you much.