Tuesday, September 02, 2008

House arrest ;)

Well, yesterday is over and today is going much better. My hubby has today and tomorrow off so it was nice to have a very relaxing day. It's amazing how much less stress there is when I have a menu prepared!

We walked/rode to the park and Adam and I had a nice chat while one kid played and the other slept. We discussed many things but the topic kept coming back to what's the fastest and best way to get rid of our debt and start saving. Everthing from doing nothing and paying it down slowly, to selling my car and selling our house are all viable options. It just depends on how quickly we'd like to be done with it and further discussion will ensure I'm sure.

I really wasn't judging my negatives yesterday, I was mindful about the spending and mistakes are bound to happen, it's just that it was on the very first day! Today, I've hung laundry out on the line, made powdered laundry detergent and we used no gas! Oh, and my husband told me on our walk that we could replace our dishwasher for $159 as they are on sale now. It would be the same not so great model we currently have and I hit him on the arm because that would be a good chunk of the money we could potentially save this month. He said he didn't want to buy it now either I guess it's nice to know just how much I'm saving us by getting dishpan hands every day.

On the menu today was:Breakfast:Fruit and gluten free banana muffins Lunch:leftovers and peanut butter on muffins Dinner: Due to a snafu in my menu and memory (I thought there was a roast in the freezer but I must have used it) roasted red potatoes, leftover pasta mixed with lots of tomatoes and cucs from the garden to make a pasta salad and a large garden salad with leftover zucchini and chicken. It worked and used up all our leftovers.


Linds said...

I am getting dishpan hands too, and the replacement dishwasher is not on the list right now! I think you are doing brilliantly, and talkign about money with your husband is always positive.You are on the same page!

Caroline said...

I found you through kind blogs. I am glad I did! I just started making menus...wow...what a difference it makes (saving $$ and a lot less stress at 5pm!).

Nicki said...

Hi Heidi! I've got the dishpan hands too. Our dishwasher broke over a year ago, but we had made a commitment to get out of debt. Well, it's been over a year and we are out of debt but are now trying to bulk up our savings. Once that is done, we might buy a dishwasher then. But, really it hasn't been too bad, handwashing. It allows time for prayer and thinking through things. :)

I'm not sure if you'll remember me or not. I use to comment a lot when I blogged at my old blog Living In My Mind. I've started a new blog though, so hopefully I'll be visiting more often too. :)

Joy said...

You know, I'm coming out of a scary and crazy summer, so I'm not participating this year...but as I've been reading around the blogs, and I just read your comment about creatively getting a dinner together, I couldn't help but think of some of the famous meals of my grandma, who, when asked for a recipe said "you know, I can't remember. I was using what I had in the pantry and trying to stretch it." I think that's my tiny little goal this month, to really try to creatively use less but make more when it comes to dinner. That, and your 'creative' pasta salad sounds really yummy today! :)

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

One of the best things about that pasta salad...you can put in anything you like and it makes it even more delicious :)

Jodi said...

Using leftovers is a fantastic way to save money. We make a large dinner and then eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. It also makes my work load a little easier.