Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The last day...

...of the 30 day challenge. I am amazed at our progress and that we really lacked nothing this month. We are very rich with blessings.

At the beginning of the month I kept adding things to a mental list to buy at the end of the month, but as the month has gone on that is no longer the plan. For the most part. I will be purchasing a package of diapers (tonight my daughter is in the last one) we have been using cloth all day but disposables work better for us at night.

If I were to go out and buy everything that I wanted all month long it would just counter act any of the savings this month has brought us. It is VERY nice to have money in the bank right now, usually this is the week that we check the bank account to see how close we are to make it until Friday when the next check comes in. It's been nice to have some extra cushion. Must of which will be an extra payoff to our HELOC, yippee!

I think the biggest thing for me is entitlement. "I worked hard so I deserve it." Right?! Well goodness, my husband works hard for the money we spend so do I really need more shoes, hair things, or garden tools? Or can I make do with what I have for just a little longer. I think Mary spoke about this a week or so ago. But the biggest thing I am taking out of this is when something comes up that we need maybe we can get along just one more day, week, or month before we purchase it. Delaying the purchase may help squash the desire all together or heighten the need, making the choice a bit clearer.

I do deserve a nice hot cup of tea after a long day, peace and quiet once in awhile, a ladies retreat weekend away (with the baby, two weekends from now!!) and hugs, LOTS of hugs from my family. These things I know I am entitled too but the stuff, I'll leave it for now.


Linds said...

An excellent post, Heidi - and well done for making it through the month! I started but then having to sort David for uni and stock up his supplies sort of blew a hole right through my plans. I may do it this month instead. The fascinating thing for me has been to see just how expensive even the basics are here in comparison. So maybe i will have to come up with a UK summary for my American friends too. What is HELOC?

Mom said...

Congratulations on your accomplishment! You are an inspiration for me :)
Love, Mom

Butterfly Mama said...

Sorry...Home Equity Line Of Credit... basically a loan on the equity we've gained in our house (on top of the normal mortgage payment)

Stephanie said...

Way to go. I'm always amazed too at how when I wait often that want (or need) is filled in another way, or I find a fabulous deal on it!

princessmama said...

How do you do groceries with 300 a month? and with meat too? I make almost everything from scratch, and we eat a LOT of beans and rice and I have trouble making 400 stretch!

I enjoyed this post, we also recently went thirty days without spending money on "stuff". It was very liberating actually:) I think we'll make it a regular habit.