Saturday, September 06, 2008

A penny for your thoughts

Yesterday, (sigh) honestly, I felt like an incompetent parent but I rose above my feelings of inadequacy, conquered them if you will. Simply, I can only become the Mom I want to be through these moments - the ones where I don't know what the heck I'm supposed to do- these are the times when I am learning and growing into that Mom of my dreams. Right?!

Thursday night at dinner my son told us that while he was up in his room for a time out he "swallowed a coin down into his tummy." At this point he'd already eaten most of his dinner and was acting fine so I figured it was down safely and would just keep going.

My fury (kept tapped) began when I realized that he did this in his room ALONE, what if he had choked on it, he was in there for five minutes alone. At one point in the day I knew he had mentioned putting it in his pocket. Praise God for safe swallowing of said coin. At an after dinner coin line up the penny was picked out as the culprit.

Friday morning I changed my mind after he threw up. Dr said to come in that it could be blocking something. X-ray showed penny in pylorus, (where stomach enters into intestine) she conferred with a gastroenterologist on staff and he thought it would need to come out via a scope (I've seen them take many things out of dogs this way - you'd be amazed what they will eat. One golden retriever puppy kept eating socks so the family stopped wearing them one summer. - another Mom who couldn't get her kids to put the socks where they go!) Back on topic, I'm slightly freaked out about this being done to my son.

Talking with the Dr. she said that she had a call in to a pediatric gastroenterologist downtown and would confer with him. She came back in laughing because he said that in most cases even thought for now it seems like it's blocking it will go through.

My husband is still worried because tonight he was asking everyone we know if their kids have ever done anything like this but I'm convinced (still praying) it will go through.

As for nothing today that will be oh, probably about $200 -we have new insurance and I know we have a HUGE deductible so I think we will have to pay it all out of pocket. Oh, and his Dr wants to have follow up films done in two weeks to double check that it goes. Since we don't want to do that (more $ and more radiation for both of us to be exposed to) we will be watching and waiting for a penny to go kurplunk.

Fun times oh yeah, fun fun times!

Today's meals: Breakfast - oatmeal with blueberries, Lunch - bananas, carrot sticks, leftovers, Dinner - Chili, GF corn bread, zucchini


Linds said...

We have survived this twice in my vast experience! Pennies are small. Well, ours are here. They emerged. I checked.

We have also survived poisonous plants, and dog food. I called the vet re the dog biscuits, and he screeched with laughter and told me that my son should have more energy than ever, and may wag his tail, but would not expire. Gee thanks.

What else.... you know, I wish I had had a blog back then. I would have had plenty to write about, and maybe would have kept the memories in order!

Re the poisonous plant - I dialled the poison unit at the children's hospital and they asked me for the name of the plant. What?? Are you crazy? It had green leaves that were pointy and white speckles on. Sigh. We all survived though!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh yes- we have all been through this. My uncle even swallowed a HAT PIN when he was little and turned out ok! I will be praying that all is just fine and that you'll see a provision come in for this setback in your budget!


Nicki said...

Oh, Heidi! Been there. Done that. Don't feel incompetent, feel NORMAL. :)

My youngest swallowed a penny last year. I went around and around with the pediatric nurse about the necessity of more exposure through x-rays. (This same child and I have sat next to each other at an x-ray machine far too many times in her 3 short years here on earth!) Anyway, hearing your story, now I'm glad we went ahead and did them. Fortunately, hers went through easily the next day. My husband suggested we frame it because it was the most expensive penny he'd ever seen. (After paying for the x-rays and all.) LOL!

I'll be praying today that your son passes the coin easily. I'll be praying that the Mama will find comfort too and won't beat herself up about all of this! :)


PS~Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day!

Stephanie said...

Oh what an ordeal! You got a love parenting! Lydia once stuck a pink star shaped bead up her nose. Try to see that! It took her a day of sneezing before I caught on that something wasn't right, and a trip to the ER to get it out. You are a great parent. Don't beat yourself up!