Thursday, September 25, 2008


The wonderful Linds has given me an award! Many thanks to you Linds (and I hope today went well!) Her blog rocking chair reflections is one of my favorites so if you haven't been over there to check her out it's worth a few hours of reading. Oh, and her youngest just flew off to university so if you pop in, say, "hi"!

Now is always the hardest part for me about awards...picking six more people to bless with them. Just six out of the many, many, many I read. Well, here goes, in no particular order.

Amy of Never A Dull Moment! She's a great mommy, they have a brand new baby and her husband's getting ready to be deployed shortly.

Ashlee of mama's nest has been one of my favorites for a long time now. I love her writing style and way of seeing the world.

Lilith of Crunchy Green Lovin' Mom is one I'm new to reading but love just the same. She's witty and fun and loves to tweet.

Mamacita Tina of Carpe Diem! She's got two great kids and sounds like a fantastic mommy!!

GreenStyleMom is another new read of mine. She's doing the mommy thing the very environmentally friendly way and yet is totally down to earth! They live in a co housing community and it is just wonderfully inspiring!

Wendy of Showered With Grace has been one of my long time reads and she is very refreshing, honest and inspiring as well.

There you have it...I wanted to list so many, many more! So many blogs, so little time! Must learn to read faster!

Since we've been fighting off the flu for the last few days our meals have been pretty much chicken and rice or chicken soup or veggie soup, in between a banana when appetites have allowed. Easy, boring and cheap I guess!


Wendy said...

thanks so much, Heidi! you made my day!
i love your blog too! :)

Amy said...

Thank you so much! You are too kind! :)

Mamacita Tina said...

Thank you for thinking of me, very sweet of you.

I'm slowly getting back into blog mode, sorry to hear you guys were sick, unfortunately it's that time of year again for flu bugs.