Monday, September 08, 2008

Are we done yet??

With teething??? She only has two teeth and I am ready to be done! Isn't that terrible, I am compassionate, I feel bad that she is hurting but I didn't feel bad leaving her at the gym to be fussy for someone else while I taught pilates today. I'm pretty sure I've seen every hour of the night for the last two.

I am not trying to rush her babyhood away, I know too soon she'll be telling me that I need to call a friend's Mommy to ask if they can come to the park. When I answer that we are just riding bikes for a quick visit to the park and they won't have time to come with us he points out, "Mommy, they have cars."

Today we had muesli and fruit smoothies for breakfast, Adam had leftovers from last nights dinner and we had pb&j's and bananas for lunch. Dinner was veggie lasagna and sweet potatoes.

Before dinner I found myself secretly hoping that Adam would call and say we were going out to dinner tonight. We made it without going. I did go shopping after my class at noon with 2 hungry kids for bananas and grapes and a few other essentials. I deemed canning lids essential since we are going to get peaches and hopefully apples tomorrow. I also deemed some granola bars and it turns out $6 worth of carob chips essential. Looking back, I'm not so sure that was a need...but looking forward, it could be carob/chocolate sometimes keeps a Mom from going over the edge!


Owlhaven said...

I am totally following the logic about the chocolate. I myself resisted purchasing choc chips yesterday but only because I have a few more day's worth of chocolate stashed in various places around the house.


Granny said...

Was she wearing the shirt I got her? "Mom needs Chocolate"

Ellen said...

I hear you about the teething thing - my daughter just cut #3,4 and 5 and I'm sure she's working on more - she's been fussy and had that nasty teething poop (or is it only my kids that get that??) - chocolate cheers - here is to teething toddlers and their moms :)

Hannah said...

Teething is rough! And it's been a long, drawn-out affair with both my kids since they get their teeth late. Hopefully your current bout will be over soon!