Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mommy's big helper

After a pretty busy and fun week it felt nice to spend some time putting dinner in the crock pot this morning with some help. He likes to say "big helper Mommy" in fact today when my hubby took out the trash he said to me "Mommy, Daddy big helper yes!"

We picked

We washed

We peeled

We tasted

We're done!


Wendy said...

What a cute little guy you have! My kids have so much fun getting carrots out of our garden and eating them too.

Jamie said...

Sounds good, what time is dinner? :)

p.s. you have a beautiful kitchen, from what I can see!

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Oh!What a cute helper!!! I'm now teaching SloMo how to cook, I'll have a post up about it next week!!

Auntie said...

Hey Kiddo, when are you going to come help your old auntie out with dinner? Miss you cutie, I'm glad you are a big helper to your mama!!!

Anonymous said...

Your carrots look awesome! I've never had any luck with them!

Ashlee - Xav's Mama said...

Your carrots look amazing! What a helper!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

What a great helper!

You gotta love the crockpot. That's where most of our meals come to be.

The Wooden Porch said...

{{{{{{{{{BIG HUG}}}}}}}}}}}

I'm so sorry for your loss. Every time I hear of another death of a baby, I always think, "That's one more little person I can't wait to see in Heaven."

God bless you and thanks for your comment.