Friday, October 13, 2006

Isn't it nice to be pleasantly suprised

I've been frustrated with cloth diapering for about the last 6-8 weeks. Every time I'd use them they'd leak...sometimes I'd change my son after a couple hours and it'd be completely dry but when he goes now it's apparently more than any of my diapers can handle.

SO, having used cloth 90% of the time since he's been 1 week old I've been feeling terrible about going to disposables. Plus when we do use disposables we use Generation brand which unless they are on sale are quite a bit more expensive than the usual brands that are already pricey enough.

But I'm rambling, back to my point. I realized awhile ago that my kiddo is just not quite ready to be potty trained so the dilemma began. Pay for diapers every week or find something (cheap) that works.

We mostly had used prefolds and covers with much success but he had outgrown those in the spring time. My bestest friend taught me how to sew pocket diapers which I made some more of and used those since they're the easiest and my favorite. I guess the just can't handle the volume! My Mom also knit some terrific and beautiful wool covers that I've used which don't leak even overnight but alas he's shown a small sensitivity to them so I don't use them as often as I'd like.

Anyway, I didn't want to pay and arm and a leg for super nice covers so I ordered a few of these and a package of these on Monday late afternoon. On Tuesday being the anxious person I am I sent them an email since I couldn't find anything on my confirmation email about approx. shipping time. I realized today that I hadn't received a reply email yet but to my surprise they showed up in today's mail!!! Way to go Baby Best Buy!

I guess I still get a bit nervous when ordering from a new website! I really wasn't even expecting them until next week. I used one of the covers and the quality is not the greatest but it didn't leak and I'm pretty sure that it will last for quite a few months if not longer. And for just under $18 for six covers plus shipping I'm sure it's better than disposables!!!

This may be more details about cloth diapering than anyone ever wanted to know but I was excited to get them - maybe I'm just still in a silly mood!


UPDATED to add...I posted this late last night and I guess my links didn't work...they should be working now! I need to have an early bed time tonight I think!


Anonymous said...

I have to give you a Hi-5 for handling cloth diapering. I could never do it -- way to go!!! I don't even wanna calculate my disposable diaper spending.

Let us know how this goes in the long run.....

Anna said...

So, it worked, huh? Good to hear that. You just using the covers over a prefold? Brynna will love to "match' both of them! :)

Robin said...

Kudos to you. I don't think I could ever do the cloth diapering thing.

momteacherfriend said...

With my second I was given everything I needed for newborn in the realm of cloth diapers. Then I had a huge baby! 10lbs 4 oz. Needless to say she did not make it a month in those and so I switched to disposables. I struggled with dishing out the initial money on a new size. Oh well.

Ashlee - Xav's Mama said...

Good for you for cloth diapering! I had planned to with X, but when he came early I was unprepared and decided just to use 7th Gen...

FYI- I buy from (7th Gen diapers/wipes) and they are the cheapest I can find's my coupon code incase you ever need it - ASAL1944

Heidi said...

cool, thanks Ashlee.

I think I saw that on a post you did awhile back - thanks for refreshing my memory!

*They worked all day today! No leaking, just prefolds and the covers over them! Wahooo.

Anonymous said...

cloth diapers are wild arent they? im a nanny for a 2 year old and a 4 month old and have been cloth diapering since their births. some are thicker, which work better and the callico diapers are good for sleeping! we are potty training now..and not using cloth....and things are going well! Keep up the calm.